Why my Diet is Forever Evolving

I wouldn’t say that I eat unhealthily - but there is room for improvement, I think most people can relate. Something I want to do is incorporate more veg into my diet, don’t get me wrong, I do eat vegetables, but there is room to add more. So, after looking at Asda online, I realised that you can buy almost every vegetable in a frozen form. This will reduce waste and cost when it comes to keeping vegetables on hand. It is also super easy to cook, I can roast them in the air fryer, boil them, add it to dishes - whatever I fancy! I have also added in some more fruit by buying, you guessed it, frozen berries. This can be added to yogurts, smoothies, oats, whatever I fancy. I love fruit but my lord fresh berries are expensive.

No matter where I am in my life, or what my goals are, my diet is forever changing and every few months I try to address how I am feeling and see where I can make changes.

Something else I have also been loving recently is bone broth - the benefits of bone broth are extensive and I have started adding the broth to soups and dishes instead of conventional stock cubes. Borough Broth offer a huge range of broths and you can order exactly what you want in their ‘Pick Your Own Bundle’ offer. Along with broths they also sell ramen and miso broths perfect for ramen or pho dishes!

What I would like to do is start each morning with a small mug of bone broth but unfortunately, I do not currently have the funds to do so! It isn’t the cheapest, which is why I try to make it go further by adding it to soups and meals rather than chugging it like water!

Basically - there are changes I am looking to make when it comes to my diet to better support my health and wellbeing - if we eat well, we feel well and when we feel well, we act well and look well! I just want my body to be as healthy and happy as possible and part of that is down to what I choose to put into my body!

It is really important to check in with yourself regularly and see where you can make changes to your diet or lifestyle. We are forever changing and evolving so we need to be forever assessing where we are and what we want from life!