Weekly Update 07/03/2021

Weekly Update

I haven’t done a roundup for a few weeks. I just haven’t seemed to have the time to blog twice a week, so I have been focusing more on blogs about health and wellness. If you have missed them my recent blogs have been about CBD tablets and how they helped me during my period, the ingredients used in the CBD tablets and why the founder chose those specific ingredients and I also shared a post about my journaling journey!

I really want to get back on the Healthy Happy Periods Series. The blog posts for these take a lot more time as I really do my research before writing the posts. Also the main reason for writing the Healthy Happy Periods series was to teach myself more about hormonal health and what causes irregular periods in my own life so I really want to make sure I spend a good amount of time on those posts! I also received the most lovely message from a lady who has been following my page and blogs who is now 29 weeks pregnant after struggling to conceive. It made me so happy. I have never claimed to be an expert, I am honestly just sharing what I learn and if I can help a handful of people it makes it all so much more worthwhile! Messages like this are really encouraging and I feel so happy for her. If you know someone who is struggling with heavy, painful periods and severe PMS, please share my blog with them, who knows, it might help them too.

In other exciting news - we have a completion date for the house! On 19th March me and Matthew will be home owners! It’s so scary, I know - we have been waiting since September for the house to be built and it’s been a long 6 months and to now be two weeks away from moving in is surreal! We have found a lot of things we like, we just need to take some measurements so that we can order the blinds and shelves etc. All boring to you I am sure, but for me it’s very exciting. I will be sure to keep you all posted on the move etc, a lot of this will be done on Instagram so if you don’t follow me already - you should!

Last weekend me and Matt enjoyed a three day weekend to celebrate his lockdown birthday. I tried to make it as fun as possible which included a local Treasure Trail around Ipswich. They do them all over the country and honestly it was so much fun, we also learnt a lot more about the town and the history without it being overwhelmingly historical and boring. We were also very lucky with the weather. Over the weekend we drank and ate quite a lot of alcohol and sugary foods. Monday morning I woke up feeling very dull, it was a reminder that I cannot spend a few days off plan. The odd treat is fine and has little effect but three days of eating all the good - sorry bad, foods and drinking wine doesn't lead to the best feeling! I have learnt though that it is not worth beating myself up over it and that it’s ok to have set backs. It’s a journey and these

little set backs just form part of the journey from which I can learn and improve going forwards.

We are also going into week 3 without coffee, I gave it up for lent, and to be honest other than maybe one day, it really hasn’t bothered me. I even made a cup of coffee for Matthew and wasn’t tempted. I am not sure if I have noticed any benefits from not drinking it, I am sleeping better but that started after adding more calories into my diet, I do feel as though my energy is more, even throughout the day, and I don’t have a mid afternoon slump which is a positive.

This week, at work, I put up a bird feeder and two bird houses. Me and my colleague noticed that we were getting a lot of blue tits, great tits and robins looking for food in the nearby bushes. I spoke to the director asking if we could feed the birds and put up two bird houses and, surprisingly, he loved the idea. It took a matter of hours for the birds to notice the food and we have already had a few investigating the bird houses. Honestly, I got so excited. It’s so easy to help nature and it’s so beneficial!

I hope that you are all keeping well and looking forward to lockdown easing over the coming weeks!

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