Weekly Roundup 27/07/2020

Hooray My hooray this week is having Friday off and spending a day sorting my blog posts and growing my social media presence. It can be quite demotivating spending time writing blogs seeing that they aren’t reaching as many people as I’d hoped but it’s all still very new and I know that in time, with consistency my following will grow and I will be able to reach more people. I appreciate any support those that are reading this can give me, share my posts, invite people to the Facebook group, follow on Instagram etc. Without you guys I wouldn’t be doing this! So thank you. Staying Active This week has been long and most days I have not felt like doing a workout, especially after biking to and from work but I was good and got all my workouts in, I biked to work three times and practised yoga twice. I recently discovered a new yoga teacher on YouTube, she is called Cat Meffan and she is the tits! I like my flows to be a little more challenging and I have struggled to find someone who met those requirements but Cat is great - she also has a few deep stretch flows which are great for achy bodies. Instagram If you don’t already know - you can also find me on Instagram - I have also started doing stories, which is so nerve wracking! Talking to a camera is hard but according to data, people tend to watch stories over looking through posts so I will stick with it and see if it helps. www.instagram.com/healthy_happy_women_uk Upcoming blog posts This week's post is all about how I tend to take things way too personally and the impact it has on my mental health. Please subscribe to my blog to be notified of new posts via email. Have a fantastic week.

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