Weekly Roundup 24/01/2021

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Weekly Roundup

What a week it’s been!

After having two poor night's sleep I took to taking Sominex (a sleep aid) before bed and wow do those things work. They don’t knock you out like most sleep medication seems to, rather they assist you in staying asleep. It’s amazing how we can take something so simple for granted. Monday and Tuesday I felt awful, sluggish, fatigued and grumpy - really grumpy (sorry Matt). Then after two good nights of sleep I am back on form. My energy is up, I am happier, I am smashing my goals. Sleep is so important yet so often overlooked by people.

Goal Smashing!

Speaking of goals, I have done yoga every day this week, I have been biking to work, strength training and walking at lunch. One thing I am trying to do is eat more. All this movement using a lot of energy and in order to replace that energy I need to fuel my body. I tried eggs this week, two hard boiled eggs a day to increase protein and have a snack - after three days I gave up. The gas! Oh my gosh, I was so windy and *ahem* smelly. The eggs had to go, so now I am back to the drawing board about what high protein easy to eat snacks I can have. I don’t really want to start taking protein shakes. I ideally want it to come in the form of real food but it needs to be easy to transport to work. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. These small changes I am making to my everyday life have me feeling the best I have felt in ages. My energy is so much higher, my mental health is more stable and I just feel a lot happier in myself! If you look after your body and mind everything else seems to fall into place!

My Morning Routine

House News

There isn’t too much news on the house front, the road is being laid in front of our house and the National House Building Council will be going to assess the property within the first few weeks of February, meaning it could be likely that we will be in by the beginning of March but the dates change a lot and no one really knows. The other added stress (well not stress, maybe annoyance) is that we will be moving during the lockdown, which means Matt is going to have to set up his work computer in the new house. Which is ok, but I kinda don’t want clutter, we technically have a study but that is the rabbit room! I just have this vision of moving in and having everything set up nicely, as it should be and now we’re going to end up with an office somewhere - or maybe I am being dramatic and he will be back in the office. I mean there are bigger issues surrounding covid than how we’re going to set up Matt’s desk!

Healthy Happy Periods

In exciting news the Healthy Happy Periods series kicked off this week, if you missed the post make sure you check it out - this is a series of blog posts that I am creating while navigating the mind field that is women's hormones. I am breaking the topic into bite size chunks in a way for me to learn and hopefully help others!

I hope you are all well and surviving the lockdown!

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