Weekly Roundup 14/02/2021

Happy Valentine's day you beautiful women! I hope that, despite lockdown, you are all having a lovely day, single or loved up. To be honest, me and Matt don't really celebrate Valentine's day, we do a card and he did surprise me with a bouquet of flowers but we don't do lavish gifts, it's also his birthday in a week and he can't have everything! I have seen a lot of great posts about spending valentine's day in lockdown which has been lovely to see. We have bought a dine in for two meal deal from Asda this year and have three of the five dishes subbed so that isn't the greatest but the subs are still things we like so it's not the end of the world.

Valentine's bouquet

Snowy Ipswich

It's Been a Snowy Week!

This week has been a bit of a nightmare - the snow has been unreal. It started on Sunday and continued until Tuesday morning. This meant that I couldn't safely get to work. I hate driving in it and it's technically Matt's car so I didn't want to risk it, I definitely could not bike in it and the buses were not running. This meant I had two snow days where I was confined to the second bedroom due to Matt working from home in the lounge. This meant that I had two days where I could truly slow down and have a rest. I binged the whole first season of Virgin River on Netflix and loved it. I cannot wait to start season two! By Wednesday the snow had started to melt on the roads and some of the pavements but it still wasn't great. Getting to work on Wednesday consisted of walking and biking. It's now Sunday and there is still snow about and the worst thing is the paths have thawed and re-frozen leaving a lot of very icey unsafe areas! The snow can be amazingly pretty but in my world it's impractical and a nuisance. I am definitely not a fan.

The snow has also caused delays in the new build as the main thing to be done is for the builders to lay the road to the front of the house, a task that is made impossible by snow!

I am Feeling Great

If you read my last week's roundup you will know that I have been increasing my daily calories due to my caloric expenditure. I have to say I am feeling so much better for it. My energy levels are higher and much more consistent, this leads to better workouts/bike rides to work and my sleep has improved so much! I am no longer laying there for 40 minutes waiting to fall asleep, I still wake up in the night for a wee (always have, probably always will) but afterwards instead of struggling to get back to sleep I am getting straight back off. Getting up at 05:30 has become a breeze and I am loving yoga. I think everyone should try yoga for a week and I bet they would love it too.

Learning to Use the Moon Phases

Lunar Living

Now that I have read Lunar Living I am very much looking forward to working with the moon cycles. The 11th February brought a new moon so I took some time to myself and started writing down my intentions for the month, as I move through the month and the moon moved through its phases I am looking to connect with myself on a spiritual level and reconnecting with my goals for the year and my monthly intentions. So many people have lost touch with the moon cycle despite our ancestors using it for thousands of years. Unfortunately because science doesn't back up any claims of the moon affecting the human population people are very quick to dismiss its power. It's sad that we have become so heavily focused on what science says to be true or false. Why can we not just accept that some things don't require scientific explanations?

Period Update

Despite making healthier changes in my life from nutrition to exercise I am yet to see any benefits when it comes to my menstrual cycle. According to my BBT measurements I ovulated on day 36 of my cycle. I suppose it's a positive that I am actually ovulating and I am not experiencing more anovulatory cycles. I also understand that it can take time for hormones to reset and settle back into their natural patterns. If you want to know more about how our hormones are all connected make sure you check out this post. The thing is, as much as my cycle confuses me, I am loving learning about it which is why I have decided to write a whole Healthy Happy Periods series. Please check them out and share with friends and family that you know are having issues with their cycles. I would absolutely love it if more women were open about their cycles and realised that it is not a taboo subject that should not be discussed!

I hope that you have all had a fantastic week and that if you have had snow, it hasn't affected you too badly.