Weekly Round Up 30/08/2020

This week has been a weird one so strap in!


Despite being told that it would take 2-3 weeks for my cervical screening results to come in, I received them yesterday. I was surprised by my results…… they were negative. Despite having issues in the past, there is now no sign of the HPV virus and no abnormal cells. I was so shocked to receive this news as I was 100% expecting the results to be abnormal. I do however, always expect the worst in situations like this, it's a talent of mine! I am due another screening in 2023 so that's something I don't have to worry about for a while.

Hormones Update

Well, I don't know what the bloody hell is going on with my hormones, last week I thought I had ovulated on day 21 again - result! However, after the initial rise is BBT (basal body temperature) my temperature dropped again. I then went through all the symptoms I experience with ovulation (the moodiness, the change in cervical mucus, the cystic jawline acne, the slight ovulation twinge) for the second time. I then took to Google to see if your body can attempt, and fail, at ovulation. Turns out there isn’t a lot of information out there but it does appear that it can happen. Your hormones can get all geared up to ovulate and then an imbalance arises causing your body to fail. This was really eye opening and apparently is common in women who surfer PCOS (I am still waiting for my blood test results). So turns out my true ovulation, confirmed with BBT was on day 30. This is only cycle two of trying to eat with a mindset geared more towards a PCOS friendly diet so I am going to continue on the path and see what happens. It’s all about trial and error and learning what works for myself and this is not something that can be fixed overnight.


I do not know if some astrological event has happened but my emotions have been all over the place. I have gone from feeling optimistic and positive to miserable and doubtful within the space of a few hours, it might be hormonal? It might just be me being a miserable cow but it’s very annoying and I do not like it. I seem to be irritated very easily but on a more positive note, I don’t tend to hold onto grudges for as long as I used to. It’s not until we reflect that we can see how we have grown and the progress we have made! My lack of ovulation and acne has also caused a lot of stress this week as just as I think I have a handle on the problem I have another outbreak. It’s like a vicious cycle at the moment and with the attempted ovulation I have had less of a break in my acne than previous months.


I cannot believe we are almost in September. This year is flying by. For the month of September I really plan on focusing on my holistic wellness and hormonal balancing. I haven’t come up with a plan yet, but today I will be sitting down and coming up with a plan of what I can do on a daily basis to support my journey. I plan on sharing this on Instagram with a daily update, so, if you don’t already, please come follow me on my journey.

In Other News

Today we are going to the cinema for the first time since March, which is insane.We are seeing Tenet - I have no idea what it’s about, all I know it’s got Robert Pattinson in it and it’s a Christopher Nolan film. How bad can it be? I just hope that I stay awake - I have been up since 05:45 this morning!

I am also trying to get the hang of Pinterest and have been following a course on how to set up pins and use the site to drive traffic to my blog. I am not sure how successful I will be but it’s interesting to learn new skills. I like learning new things and think it's a very important part of anyone's life, we should always be striving to learn and grow as people.

Oh also, one last thing. Me and Matt were meant to be going to Tunisia on Friday but thanks to Covid it’s been cancelled. However I completely forgot that we still have the days booked off. so next week I am only at work for two days before having a week and half off - we have a few plans but I will update you in the corresponding weekly round up!

Have a good week!

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