Weekly Round Up 28/11/2020

This week has been jam packed with good news!

Copper IUD Removal

Firstly I got the copper IUD removed after months of deliberation! After finding out that I did not have PCOS and that it wasn’t the cause of my heavy painful periods I knew I needed to take further action, so the next stage was to get the IUD removed and see if that affects my periods. I’m actually excited for my next period to see if it is any better! The weird thing is, my uterus already feels happier. It’s hard to explain but the best way I can think to describe it is that it’s like taking a huge breath and really relaxing your body on the exhale. It’s like a release of tension that I didn’t know I was carrying. The removal was surprisingly simple. She made me cough, then told me to take a deep breath, as I exhaled I felt a sharp pinch inside and that was it. She left me to lay there while she removed the instruments used, which I appreciated as I always feel a little faint when someone goes near my cervix and I definitely did not need to see what she'd used to remove it! It was that simple. There was slight spotting afterwards but it also happened at the tail end of my period so it could have been the combination of both. I was also expecting some cramping after it was removed or an uncomfortable feeling when sitting but there was honestly no after effects at all.


Second lot of big news happened on Friday. We exchanged contracts on the house and were given an estimated completion date. Now, the solicitor told me that the expected date was 28th February 2021, but on the letter from Persimmon Homes it gave a date range from 26th February to 31st March. That suits me fine as it gives us time to save a little bit more money so that we can purchase the white goods and a new bed. There really isn’t a huge amount that we can buy before we are in as I have no idea how much space we will have for things. Hopefully before the build is completed we can go in to measure up. We need blinds for the first floor and bedrooms, a dining table and a new bed. Ideally we would like to go up to a king sized bed but I don’t want the bedroom to feel cramped. We also need new bedside tables and a dining table! Oh man - maybe there is more to buy than I thought, but a lot of it can be bought as we go. The essentials really are the white goods and the blinds. It’s all so much more real now! I just can’t wait to get in and see what it all looks like. That is a downside to buying a new build when the site has no show home!


We seem to be the only ones to not have put our Christmas tree up yet. All over social media people are posting their beautiful trees, but I just feel as though any time before December is too early, that will be a job for next weekend! I have however started and almost completed my Christmas shopping. The new rules for Christmas with Covid were released by the Government this week, so basically you are allowed to mix with three other households for five days but you cannot then go and see other people from different households. That makes it very difficult for people in relationships as you are not meant to be seeing both families. Christmas is already stressful enough trying to split time across multiple families and this has just added even more faff to the process.

Health and Fitness

This week I have really struggled to find the time to workout after work, it’s bad really. Every Sunday I set myself goals to workout when I get home but stuff just seems to happen, so next week I really do plan on being more strict with myself. I think the winter months make it harder to stay motivated and my body is well and truly covered by big winter jumpers! I also bike everyday to and from work so it’s not like I am inactive. Oh look at me making excuses! For More on how to stay motivated read my previous blog here - I know I will be re-reading it. My eating has been on point this week though, I have reordered my super greens drink and been eating my beans so I am not going to beat myself up too much. I will just aim to be better next week.

I hope you have all had a great week and are slowly getting ready for Christmas x

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