Weekly Round Up 27/09/2020

This week has been full of highs and lows, and I mean FULL!

Let's go back to Sunday, which seems so far away now. If you follow me on Instagram you know that me and Matt paid a reservation fee on a new build home. We have been looking at the site for months, it's actually opposite our old work office, they started building before we moved premises and before Covid struck. We loved the site, mainly due to the location. We currently rent a flat on Ipswich Waterfront and I love being so close to the town centre, the station and the waterfront itself. The site of the new build is only a 5 minute walk from where we currently live so we knew the location was perfect for us. There is no more land for homes to be built this close to the waterfront and we fell in love. The issue was we did not have a full deposit. During lock down we were unable to do a lot and managed to save as much as we could. The universe was on our side and we were lucky enough to get a deposit together.

Then the waiting began, the builders were back on site and properties were becoming available to reserve, but not the ones we were interested in. The site is rectangular and we were interested in three properties that faced onto the river 1) because we wanted river views and 2) it meant no houses would be in front of us. We waited and waited, then we went down to the site with Matt's parents to show them and the site manager spoke to Matt's mum and told her that the plots we wanted would be available from Thursday/Friday the following week. More waiting, I check the website everyday to see if the plots were available to reserve. On Wednesday the plots went live!

The issue…… The site is closed on Wednesdays, why would you make properties available on a day when you cannot ring the site? So, the properties were available and still there was nothing we could do. Thursday morning rolled round and I was impatiently waiting for a phone call from the site manager as we had previously registered our interest. My impatience got the better of me and I called, I straight away made an appointment to go down that evening after work! We didn't put down the reservation fee on the Thursday as there wasn't time, but we did ask all the questions we needed to and we were assured that the site would be placed on hold until we had paid the reservation fee. There was however another issue, the property would not come with the standard flooring package and to add it would cost £4,000-£5,000. Um - no thank you. I asked if there was anything they could do. My issue was that every week they would have properties of the week, where you would get standard flooring and turf. Because we were so keen we would miss out on this package as the plot would never be 'property of the week'. We were told that they could see what they could do. The sales lady rang me Friday to tell me they could not add the flooring, I expressed my concern and disappointment. The lady said 'thank you for your honesty', I will see what I can do. Just before I left work she called again to tell me she had managed to get the flooring package but not the turf, I was so chuffed. Being honest does pay.

On Sunday we went back down and got shown all the drawings and told about everything from street lights to hedgehog holes in the garden fences. We also got told that the property is due to be ready between January and March next year, so much waiting! We also got taken onto the site to see our pile of bricks, I was surprised by how spacious it all felt, the houses were not on top of each other like many new builds and it just felt so lovely! It was so exciting. We paid the reservation fee, got our nice little new home pack and went for a drink to celebrate at our local. As we sat outside I suggested messaging our friends, who live in the same building as us currently, to see if they wanted to join us. As I picked up my phone, they drove past us looking for a space to park! How weird is that? So we all sat and had a few drinks in the sun.

Then the stress of appointing a solicitor and a mortgage broker arrived. The mortgage application has been a dream. The guy I am dealing with has been super helpful and very responsive to emails containing my many questions. The solicitor however, I have not heard from! I called him Tuesday to check he received the referral from the building company, he said he had, he also told me what I had to do to release the funds from our lifetime ISA's. Other than that we have not heard a peep. As someone that needs to be in control and know exactly what is happening it's slightly frustrating. I called the site to grass on the solicitor, I was assured that they are extremely busy and there was nothing to worry about. Panic over. Now it's just a waiting game and making sure that we provide what we need to, to who needs it as soon as they ask for it. We're both first time buyers and this is new to both of us. On top of all this Matt started his new job Monday.

The job was going well until he had to drive to King's Lynn on Friday to audit a stock take and hit a pothole resulting in two flat tyres. Luckily I had made him take out breakdown assistance last year and that the documents were with him before he set off! It could have been a lot worse, no one was injured and the car is now at a garage awaiting new wheels and tyres. God knows how much that'll cost. There is always something that brings you back to reality when things seem to be going too well.

For me, this week meant biking to work EVERY DAY as we only have the one car and Matt's new job is in the next town. For the most part the journey was fine and I only encountered two issues. Firstly, on Thursday it was raining, the rain wasn't much of an issue, the issue was that when I got to work and went to get dressed in my work clothes, I discovered that they were soaked. For the first 2 hours I was sat in wet clothes and I was freezing. This was easily rectified by ensuring that I put my clothes in a water proof back before placing them into my basket. I also ordered lightweight waterproof gloves as wet hands don't change gear very well. The second issue was the wind on Friday on my bike ride home. There were wind gusts of 45 mph. On my way home there is a large hill, ordinarily I get up to about 30 mph going down said hill. On Friday I had to pedal down the hill, the head winds were so strong I had to pedal! It was mad, it took 5 minutes longer than normal and it was tough, really tough. I had to give myself so much positive talk to make it, it reminded me that I am truly stronger than I think, positive self talk is essential in so many aspects of our lives.

I know this was a long post but it's been a long week! Today I booked myself in for a much needed back, shoulder and neck massage which was heaven. Self Care is not selfish and we need to make sure that we put ourselves first, we cannot fill up other peoples cups if our own cup is empty.

If you have bought a house recently, I would love to hear about your experiences, good or bad.

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