Weekly Round Up 25/10/2020

On Sunday, me and Matt got to go and pick out the finishing touches for our house! It was so surreal. We got to pick out the kitchen cupboards and worktop, the flooring throughout including carpet and vinyl and the tiles for the bathroom, en-suite and cloakroom. There are loads of additional things you can have like a fitted fridge freezer, integrated dishwasher etc but it's just too expensive. The house is already costing more than I had anticipated and there is nothing wrong with having free standing white goods. The only other addition we are having is an outside tap! Exciting right?!?! The only other thing I would like is heated towel rails in the en-suite and bathroom but they cost a lot more to get Persimmon to do it, so the plan is to just buy and fit some ourselves when we move in. Ok, not ourselves I mean we have no plumbing knowledge but my brother-in-law does! We also are not paying for turf in the garden but I figure if we do it ourselves we can decide whether we want to add a patio area and flower beds first, then just fill in the middle with either turf or seed. There is so much to consider, but the house is only 34% complete so we have time to figure out what we want.

Three years ago I never thought I would buy a house, me and my ex had gotten ourselves into a right financial muddle. When we split up I was left with a lot of debt, most of which was incurred by him. However, the financial cost to chase him for what he owed me, more or less outweighed what I would end up paying back. I ended up paying off the majority of the debt while living alone, which is crazy. I was living on my own, paying rent and bills and managed to pay off a huge chunk of the debt. I was so proud of myself but then was left wondering how on earth I would ever be able to save for a deposit on a house! Last year me and Matt both took out the Life Time ISA, then covid struck and we were able to save a load of money due to not leaving the flat. Buying a house suddenly became a possibility.

You would think I would feel nothing but happiness, but instead I felt like I didn't deserve it. I don't know why but I become my own biggest critic. Now, with time and reflection, I know I deserve it. I have worked bloody hard to get myself into a better financial position and I do deserve this. So from now on, I will be proud of where I am, I will be proud of everything I have achieved and know, that I do deserve this. I need to stop thinking about my past and focus on the present.

This week I also had my ultrasound for pcos. So my bloods came back normal a few months ago, the first doctor I spoke to was very unhelpful and outright rude. When I asked to speak to a different doctor, she was a lot more helpful and said that she will refer me for an ultrasound. The worst thing about the ultrasound is that I had to drink 2 pints of water an hour before the exam and not wee! I wee all the time, like, way too frequently. I had to sit in the car and wait for a phone call telling me to go to the front door where I was let in. I went in for my ultrasound and the lady put the gel on my tummy. She wasn't able to get a good look at my ovaries as my womb is tilted back slightly (is that an issue? - a question for the doctor). She said I would need to be examined internally. Good job I tidied up down there just in case! She told me to empty my bladder (thank you!). I then went back in where she put a nice long camera in me where she was then able to look at my ovaries a little better. After the exam she told me that everything looked normal and that my ovaries looked healthy. So now I need to call the doctor next week to discuss the findings and sort what happens next. I am guessing it will be an appointment to get the coil removed. Which would be fine, but this month my period arrived with no issues - oh body, how you confuse me!

Going forwards this week I need to get back the foundations of my healthy eating, while I haven't been bad, I feel as though I have slacked a little on the bean front and maybe indulged a little too much. I also had two weeks of little to no exercise due to my bike injury. Luckily my wrist is now more or less back to normal, I even biked to work on Friday to test it out and everything was fine. I was very nervous about getting back on my bike but it was fine and I'm feeling better about cycling again. As long as I keep an eye out for not so dropped drop curbs I will be fine. If only my chain didn't like falling off sporadically. I do like that getting the bus is an option if the weather is atrocious. Before, I was so set on biking regardless of wind and rain but I have now taken the pressure off myself and will admit defeat if needed.

I hope that you have all had a lovely week and please remember that when things are going well in your life, you are more than entitled to feel proud of yourself for achieving your goals, dreams and ambitions. x

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