Weekly Round Up 23/08/2020


This week I have had my cervical screening (I am trying not to call it a smear as it just isn't a very pleasant word) and I had my blood test for pcos diagnosis. I know these events may not seem like hooray events but your health is so important and I have finally taken charge with the pcos diagnosis. If I have it, I can work to manage it, if I don’t, then, um, something is up so what else is it? I hadn’t actually considered that. Until now I assumed if the blood test came back showing no sign of pcos then everything would be ok, but it won’t. Something is definitely not right. Oh, this really isn’t much of a hooray! OK - let's end with our impromptu dinner out on Saturday. So Matt plays a defender position in football, so the chance of him scoring a goal is slim, however yesterday he scored and just had a great game all round so he took us out for a nice meal at K Bar. They do such amazing pizza's. I chose a vegan one as I didn't want to overload on gluten and dairy and I would say that Matt's eyes were bigger than his belly, but he ate it all (OK, I had a slice)!

Hormones Update

This month has got me all confused, so I track my Basal Body Temperature every morning upon waking. By tracking your BBT you get a better indication of when you have ovulated, it's worked out by a slight increase in your temperature post ovulation so it's not really useful if you are trying to conceive but if, like me, you are just wanting confirmation of ovulation it's a great way to know. So according to my chart I ovulated on day 21 again, however since my spike in temperature, I have had two low readings so who knows what is actually going on. However in truth this week hasn't been the greatest in terms of diet and my skin is proof of that! Dam acne across my jawline! Lifestyle

This week I may have overindulged in a few too many coffees after a few bad night sleep, which I know is stupid because if I compensate with coffee it only results in worse sleep for the that night too. We also went out Wednesday and ended up having a three course meal. Ordinarily, when eating out we have one or two courses but knowing we get £20 off thanks to the Eat Out to Help Out scheme we overindulged. I woke up with a proper food hangover the next day - I didn't drink! I can accept that these choices were not great but every now and again we deserve to treat ourselves and allow ourselves to overindulge without the guilt. If I'd have felt guilty I would have added an element of stress and who needs more of that shit in their lives!

Staying Active

Holy moley my glutes still hurt from a walk and workout I did on Friday, I am in much need of my weekly Epsom Salt bath today! Since scaling back the aggressiveness of my workouts I have noticed that my body is less inflamed and I am starting to see definition on my thighs from all this biking! Yoga is still in my weekly routine but I have scaled that back to more of a restorative stretch to help relax those used muscles. In Other News

I can definitely feel the low mood caused by overindulging this week, I wasn't sure if I really believed the link between diet and mental health but as I move through this journey there is definitely some personal evidence that when I eat shit, I feel shit mentally. I am very quick to put myself down at the moment and making up scenarios in my head. Coffee has also been proven to worsen anxiety and I know this to be true to me! So this week I want to ensure I have less coffee, more water, more beans and greens and eat in moderation! I have also booked in a consultation for a new tattoo, we'll it's a new tattoo to cover an old tattoo. I would love love love to get the Hamsa hand on my side. It's something I have wanted for a long time but could never decide where or when. I am not 100% sure I will be able to afford it this year but if I know what I am working too I can save hard! Please remember that people are doing the best they can so please be kind.