Weekly Round Up 22/11/2020

Another week has been spent in lockdown in the UK. It still isn’t affecting me and Matt that much, we are both still working in the office, we are keeping in regular contact with family and life is just continuing in this new ‘normal’. A lot of people say ‘oh when we go back to normal’, the thing is, nothing goes back to the way it was, there is never a normal. The world is always changing and evolving, we have to learn to adapt with it and find our new normal. We all have to find our new normal and this doesn’t just relate to Covid, it relates to work, relationships, friendships and family.

This week we had good news on the house front, the local searches have been completed and the contracts from the solicitor have been issued ready for us to read and sign. Once that has been completed and our deposit released from the Life-Time ISA’s we should be ready to exchange! As the exchange date approaches everything becomes so much more real and with it comes a lot of anxiety! We are buying a house that we have never seen (it’s a new build and there was no show home due to Covid), I have no idea what the kitchen will look like (we picked the cupboards and worktops etc), will I like it? Will our sofa fit? How do we afford the white goods, curtains, blinds? Will a king size bed fit? All these questions are becoming more real. It’s a lot to think about but until we can go in and measure up, they are all things I cannot yet do anything about! I just need to chill the hell out and deal with Christmas first.

Oh Christmas, God it’s close now. Gift wise I have more or less finished so that is not an issue. Covid however, has us all wondering what will happen. Either way, people will do what they like. People are not willing to not see family over Christmas and I fall into that camp. Apparently Boris is making a speech soon that should shed some light on the Christmas rules. If Christmas does go ahead, ours is going to be hectic. Trying to see both Matt’s family and mine is like a military operation, not helped by the fact that our families live two hours apart. So the plan is, we go to Matt’s parents Christmas day, spend the night. Leave early Boxing day morning to then pop home, feed and check the rabbits, before going to Norwich to see my Mum, stay the night and come home sometime the day after. I’m a massive homebody and the thought of staying away in different places for two nights fills me with dread but I know (based on every other Christmas) it will all work out fine and a wonderful time will be had.

This week I also treated myself to a new phone! I have been wanting one for some time and finally decided on the Google Pixel 4a. Google also had a small saving for Black Friday - despite the fact that black Friday isn’t until 27th November! So far, I love it, mainly for the camera, the night mode is just fantastic! Unfortunately though, my bike has been delayed, somehow between me ordering it and it being dispatched to me, the company sold out! So as of today, it should be with me in around 2 weeks. I am too impatient for these kinds of delays. It better be worth the wait.

I have finally made a decision regarding my copper IUD! After months of contemplation I am getting the bugger removed on Friday! I, for the first time since I was 15, am going back to the good old condom as my main method of birth control. What I would love is to have regular cycles and be able to use the Fertility Awareness Method but currently that is just way too risky! My plan is to monitor how I feel post IUD and then do a blog post on the topic. So stay tuned!

If you missed my blog post earlier in the week you can check it out here, this week I discussed seasonal/winter depression and what we can do to help fight the depression that often accompanies shorter days. For me, biking in the cold morning and home in the dark is not helping with my happiness!

I hope that you all have a lovely week :)