Weekly Round Up 20/09/2020

Whoa, this week has been a weird ol' week. Let's go back to Sunday, just after lunch Matt got a phone call from the director at work. On a Sunday! What could the director possibly want on a Sunday with an employee that has handed in his notice? Oh just to tell Matt to go in Monday morning, hand his phone in, take anything of his from the office and leave. Matt was meant to be working the whole week but instead got gardening leave with full pay. He had mentioned the week before that he would like a longer weekend between leaving work and starting his new job. It actually worked out well as it meant that he could study for his exams on Thursday. I cannot say however, that he would make good house husband material! Bless him - rather than just leave, he went round the office and said goodbye to everyone (for Two hours). He also arranged for a few people to come to come to the old local for a few drinks. I then realised that while me and Matt have been out since lock down, I haven't actually socialised outside of work with anyone other than family. It's so important to have face to face interactions with people. I may have had a few drinks but as mentioned in my last period update, I am trying to just enjoy life and not stress about the small things.

Being back at work was fine, there wasn't too much to catch up on, luckily I have a good colleague who handled my workload like a boss. In preparation for the coming months I biked every day except Friday, I have also scaled back my workouts for the time being, I do not want to start biking 5 days a week, try and keep up my current training then buggar myself for getting to work. Rather than train legs I have been focused on abs and arms, but that being said I've had a few busy evenings which has messed with my schedule a little bit. Next week might be a bit skewed too with Matt starting his new job and not yet knowing what sort of time he will be getting home. I just need to focus on biking for a while before adding in too much other training to get a feel of how my body will cope.

If you have Netflix, have you seen Dark? We are only three episodes in but it's a catchy one and it's weird! We've struggled to get into anything that isn't true crime related so it's nice to finally have something that we are into that isn't about murders and wrongful convictions. Honestly, I love crime, the books I read are crime, the TV I watch is crime and the podcasts I love are all crime! I would feel concerned but the crime podcasts and TV shows are dominating, it's nice to know it's not just me!

In other news big things are happening, if I was writing this later in the day I might be able to tell you but for now you will have to wait until next week's roundup or follow me over on Instagram!

I hope you have all enjoyed your weeks. Until next time x