Weekly Round Up 18/10/2020

Weekly Round Up 18/10/2020

This month is just flying by! I feel like we are missing autumn this year in the South East of England due to the amount of rain we are having. Instead of the nice crisp autumnal colours it's been grey and very very wet. The leaves seem to be falling off the trees before they have had a chance to change colour and the paths are now just lined with wet soggy leaves. It's very unpleasant. Due to my wrist still being annoyingly tender from my fall, I have been getting the bus to work. It was probably a good thing as my period arrived along with the rain. However, I cannot afford to keep getting the bus so my wrist needs to be better by Tuesday when I go back to work and the rain has better eased off.

This week has been lovely, on Sunday we spent the day with Matt's mum, dad and brother for a family roast. We also made a trip to see his Nanny and Grandad as it was his Grandads birthday in the week. With them living in Brentwood he doesn't get to see then very often. With covid still going strong, we said our hellos from outside their window. It must be hard being elderly during these times, not being able to meet family face to face and interact like we used to. For me and Matt, life is now feeling pretty normal. We both are back working in offices with people, Matt has football like he did before and we still go out for dinner or order takeaway like we used to. We are very fortunate!

The work week was none eventful but very busy, not helped by the fact that I cocked up a few things that I then had to fix. We all make mistakes but I have been doing the same job for 8 years, I should know better. I think maybe the distraction of buying a house isn't helping. I need to make sure that while at work, work comes first and I think my distractions have definitely hindered my performance which is, obviously, less than ideal. I got really annoyed at myself but all I can do is try harder and work smarter!

On Friday me and my sister took my mum for her belated Mothers day lunch. We had booked a nice dinner for her on Mother's day, but that fell on the day of lockdown (all the way back in March)! I have seen my mum once since lockdown and that was for my birthday, she came and took me and Matt for a nice picnic. I have seen my sister a lot recently but it was the first time I had seen both of them together since Christmas. So Friday we took mum to Miller and Carter Steak House for a lovely three course lunch and bottle of rose. Matt then came to Amber's after work so we could have dinner together, not that I was hungry!

Just touching on Christmas briefly, with Covid, it's going to be a weird one. There is talk that Borris will ease the restrictions over Christmas but just because the Prime Minister eases the restrictions, does not mean that Covid is going to take the day off. These changes of rules worry me, you cannot ease up on the restrictions and not expect there to be a backlash! While I understand the importance of seeing family over the festive period, I also understand the importance of not spreading the virus. On happier Christmas news me and my sister have planned a Christmas craft day where we are going to make and decorate Christmas ornaments and bauballs. I am guessing that anything I make will look like a child has done it but it's the fun that counts, right?

At home, things have started falling into place in terms of Matt's new job and his slightly longer work day. I have been a lot less stressed about life and the house. As exciting as house buying is, it's hard not to doubt that we are doing the right thing. I am a very anxious person and this is a huge step in our lives and relationship. I wonder if we are doing the right thing, I question our relationship and whether or not Matt is the right person to be making this step with. Then I calm down and remember that I am making the right choice , that we are great together, that we always support each other and that this process is exciting! So this week, the thing that made everything a whole lot more real, is that we got our mortgage offer! Seeing the figure of the mortgage made me feel super anxious, it's so much money and it's the first joint financial venture I have done with anyone! I didn't even do that with my ex husband (good job too in hindsight). But all these past lessons make me nervous moving forwards, but I have to remember that I cannot base the present or future on my past. Matt is not my ex and I wouldn't be with him if I wasn't absolutely certain that I was happy. Tomorrow we also have a meeting with Persimmon to discuss the finishing touches. This is where we get to pick the flooring, the kitchen cupboards, worktops and bathrooms. It's so exciting, I just hope I like a lot of the standard finishes as they charge you a fortune for anything 'upgraded'!

So overall, this week has been just what I needed, family time, a period that didn't leave me crippled with pain and a stress free couple of days.

Oh one more thing, if you want to watch an amazing series on Netflix that literally leaves you wanting more after every episode, then watch Dark. It is incredible. It has time travel (but not sci-fi shit), it has interlinked relationships, it has drama and suspense, emotion and thrills. It is just…. wow. Watch it!

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