Weekly Round Up 13/12/2020

This week has been a busy one. Work was manic due to my colleague being off so I was doing the job of two people. Which was doable but exhausting. There is no way I could process that volume of work alone for an extended period of time.

House update

This week we received news that the roof was being added and that the build is now 55% complete. We walked down today to have a look at it and you can more or less walk right up to it! How they expect completion to be January still baffles me. We have had confirmation that we have to give one month's notice for our current tenancy agreement and that it can be extended on a week by week basis if needed which is good to know. I just don't know when we should be giving our notice yet. We have also started clearing out the shit we no longer use ready to only move what we need. Today we did the draws of the bedside tables and the boxes under the bed and got two bin bags of stuff we don't need. There is also a pile of bits I will try and sell on Facebook such as books and unused electricals. Next week we plan to sort the hall cupboard and kitchen storage cupboard. We've also been discussing how we will decorate when we move in and what rooms will take priority. To make things easier we will be initially sleeping in the second bedroom while we decorate the master bedroom. We also plan to buy a new bed, leaving the current bed in the second room as a guest bedroom. For the master bedroom I think we have decided to go for teal and gold for a colour scheme. Very sophisticated! Pinterest is becoming my best friend for inspiration and design ideas. I just know if we don't go room by room, we are going to get overwhelmed and end up with half finished rooms all over the house.

Bike news

After being told that my bike wouldn't be delivered until the week commencing 21st December I received an email on Thursday saying that my bike had been dispatched for overnight delivery. It turned up at about 3pm Friday. Luckily we have a warehouse and one of the guys that works in there, who is a father of four, was more than happy to help set it up! I haven't had the pleasure of trying the bike yet as I got the bus in on Friday due to the crappy weather. Hopefully it will be rain free tomorrow so I can bike in on my old bike and bike home on the new one. I then plan to sell my old bike from work so that I haven't got to get it home and store it. It's not worth a lot but, before Christmas, every little helps! I feel as though I was too excited about a new bike at the age of 30!

Yearly work review

The yearly reviews also got underway this week with the managing director. It's nice to work for a small company where it is possible to have a one on one review with the MD. Now, my review left me a little shaken. Let's start from the beginning. So the review was super positive, the MD was full of praise for the work I do and the knowledge I have regarding the company (I have been there 8 ½ years), he then went on to say how he would like to me to start helping other departments and how he believes that I have excess time that could be better spent helping others, which I was on board with. He was shocked by this as he thought I would be resistant to helping. The truth is I do sometimes have spare time and I just fill it with boring mundane tasks that are just kind of time fillers. It was agreed that he would say the same thing to my colleague and see if he would be on board, then the plan is for us to sit down with our manager and come up with a plan. Wonderful! The only dig he did make is that a I can spend too much time on my phone, so now during work, my phone will go into my bag and be ignored until lunch, which is fine. This is where the excess time comment come from. I did also explain that with the house buying I have needed to use my phone a little more for personal reasons, of which my manager was aware. So anyway, I'd had a really positive review and was on board with taking on more work. Now, for the last 8 years, at the end of the review, I would be told about my pay rise and bonus. Well, not this year. Oh no, at the end he just said thank you and sent me on my way. I was fuming.

It was just before lunch so I left early and called Matt. Luckily he was free and I explained to him how positive my review was but that after all of that I was not getting a bonus and or pay rise. I felt so hurt. I was in tears. I've spent 8 ½ years with this company and I get nothing for all the hard work I do and nothing more for the work that they want to me to do going forwards. Matt completely understood my frustrations and suggested I speak to my manager when I go back. I'd actually already messaged him saying that I was unhappy with the outcome of my review and asked for a chat when I was back in the office after I had cooled down.

When I got back and spoke to my manager I told him everything that happened and how upset I was. After me saying my bit, he asked me if the MD had told me outright that I was not getting a pay rise/bonus. I said not but that he always ends the meeting with that. My manager then realised what had happened and kinda laughed at me. I was confused. It turns out that, rather than discuss pay in the year end review, we will be receiving letters outlining our pay and bonus. How this was never relayed to me is baffling. A few minutes after my meeting, the MD calls me apologising. He was so sorry for the crossed wires and not explaining. He just assumed that memo had made its way through the office by way of gossip and managers informing their staff. I had spent the best part of an hour feeling like absolute shit thinking that I was undervalued and disposable despite having a good review. So now, I just wait for the letter.

Health and Wellness

On Saturday I spent the day shopping with my sister in Colchester, I grew up in Colchester and haven't been shopping there in years so it was nice to see how the town had changed. We finished off our Christmas shopping and had a lovely lunch in a small cafe. Now all I have to do is wrap all my presents and put them under the tree. I was also very excited to go to W H Smith and get an expandable storage folder so that we can sort all our important house documents. I love being organised. I also bought myself a new notebook. I was going to buy a diary but when journaling, if I miss a day, I feel bad. So rather than do it day by day, I plan to do it on a more ad hoc basis and fill it with all my inner thoughts! I love writing. It's how I started this blog, it's like a personal journal for you all to read! One of my main goals of 2021 will be mental health and making sure that I am doing more to help my mind and body.

Copper IUD Removal Update

It's now been a few weeks since I had the IUD removed and everything feels good. There is a lot less mid cycle cramping, sex is far less painful and my lower abdomen is a lot less bloated in appearance which I was not expecting. It's as though the IUD was causing internal inflammation which went immediately after removal. For birth control we have started using condoms. Now, I have not used a condom in years so I was a little worried that it would feel a lot different for me and Matt. Matt spent some time on Amazon buying different types of condoms and we have started a little review system for each one! Yes, we are reviewing condoms but how else do you know what is good and what isn't?

I hope that you have all had a lovely week and are all ready for Christmas!

Just a side note, I will not be publishing any new blogs now until after Christmas. I will continue to do the weekly round up but no new posts. I just want to take this time to slow down and spend time with family. x

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