Weekly Round Up 13/09/2020

What a week! If you read last week's round up then you will know that the universe nicely allowed us to go away for two nights with my partners family. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive, mainly because I have never been away with a partner's family before! I know, I am 30 and was with my ex for 9 years and we never did anything like this. It also didn't help that I had a period from hell. For 5 days I was in crippling pain which brought me to tears more than once. I will speak more about that in a minute.

So the few nights away - we went to a place called Forest Lodges in Thetford Forest. We arrived on Wednesday morning at around 11 am, the huts were incredible, the one we stayed in slept 6, it had a lovely double room with en-suite and two twin rooms which meant that me and Matt were in separate beds. A good way to ensure no hanky panky takes place! There was a small kitchen area, family bathroom and lounge area. Outside there was a decked area with a BBQ, table, chairs and a hot tub! Oh the hot tub. I now want one! We paid for bike hire and canoeing but there are many activities available. Matt's mum, dad and brother arrived Monday and went on a weapons activity where they got to fire guns, throw axes and spears! Not really my cup of tea so I was pleased that it was done before we arrived. On the first day we went for a lovely family bike ride. Matt's dad was in charge of the map and directing us - that did not go to plan and lead to many an argument about which way was the right way to go. The next day I looked at the map and realised the route we wanted was marked with yellow posts, no one saw that before we left! We ended up doing 11 miles, a lot of which was us biking back on ourselves. It was an experience made better by the fact we were able to relax in the hot tub afterwards . We had a lovely BBQ on the decking before a late night dip in the hot tub. I am not sure Matt's mum was a fan of eating outside, poor women got so many gnat bites! We then retreated indoors and played some Uno and watched Gogglebox! Man that show is funny. Eventually we went to bed around 11. I am not one for sleeping well in new places but I was prepared and took our Lush Twilight sleep spray so the bed at least smelt like home! I think the fresh air and bike ride helped me sleep peacefully!

The next day me and Matt got up for an early morning walk followed by a dip in the hot tub before breakfast. I was super proud of myself too. In a bid to not eat a load of stuff I am trying to avoid, I took my own breakfasts and lunches, along with my beans and carrots to snack on. This allowed me to relax and not stress about what foods were made available for me. I did have a few drinks, including a bottle of rose on the second night, but who would say no to a glass of wine in a hot tub?

On day two we went canoeing. Oh my word! It was hilarious. Me and Matt went in one canoe and his mum, dad and brother went in a second. Me and Matt tried our best to row efficiently but he was much stronger than me so for every row he made, I had to do two or three. We bashed into the banks a lot, got taken out by low hanging branches, one of which knocked me backwards off my seat to leave me lying in a heap on the floor of the canoe. I also managed to hook my top, which I'd taken off due to all the hard work, with the oar and fling it into the river. I managed to get it back. The funniest thing was the commotion coming from his family's canoe! We had two miles of river to explore and it took us just under two hours to go up and back. It's really hard work rowing for that long, especially when you forget whether you are rowing to move left or right! That evening when we returned back to the lodge, me and Matt went on our own little bike ride to have a little explore before getting back for another dip in the hot tub and a BBQ for dinner, inside this time! His dad does the best BBQ's and his mum does a lovely tomato and mozzarella salad.

I would definitely recommend Forest Lodges, they have everything you need and offer lots of activities. I have never been to Centre Parks but I belive this is comparable less the swimming pool, I am not a huge pool fan anyway, especially with splashing, screaming children!

OK so now you know what I got up to on my time away, I will just add a brief period update! So If you have been following my period updates, you will know that the blood results came back normal for pcos diagnosis, but the doctor told me that an ultrasound was not required . After ending up in tears over the pain, I requested a chat with a different doctor who immediately told me that I should get an ultrasound. She then went on to say that if the ultrasound was clear, she would suggest getting the coil removed and seeing how my cycles go for a few months without it. It was so nice to speak to someone who appeared to care and wanted to help me. I have been considering getting the coil (copper) removed for some time but it's just so convenient and reliable, but if it is that pecking buggar causing all these issues there is no doubt I want it out! I will continue to keep you updated on my journey.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and have been enjoying this late summer we are having!

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