Weekly Round Up 11/10/2020

This week I set myself some weekly goals, these included:

  • eating more beans

  • drinking my daily greens

  • practice yoga at least 3 times

  • resume daily meditation

  • drink less coffee

Monday and Tuesday went great. Then it all went to shit. On Tuesday, on my bike ride home my chain fell off, I went to get onto the path to put it back on but misjudged the height of the dropped curb and fell off. It was bad, I hit my head, smashed my glasses, sprained my wrist, bruised both legs and my left hip. That didn't bode well for my goals. My sister was lovely and rather than let me sit at home feeling sorry for myself, she kept me company and took care of me while Matt was at work. On the goal front I did drink my daily greens, I did not meditate daily and I cannot practise yoga. I did eat more beans. So all in all it wasn't horrendous but I definitely didn't do what I set out to. But such is life, we cannot plan for every eventuality, we can set goals to work towards but remember not to beat yourself up if things don't pan out the way you had planned. Other than my wrist, I am more or less feeling normal. It will just mean a few days of getting the bus too and from work as I cannot use my left hand to brake on my bike!

It's so hard to be injured. As someone that feels the need to do everything, I am having a hard time asking for help from Matt and for some reason it makes me feel weak! I then worry that my wrist is going to take longer to heal than I would like, which means I am unable to bike to work and if I do workouts I will be limited, which sucks! I like biking to work, I like that it forms part of my exercise routine and now it has to be put on hold for a while. However, I need to realise that I need to heal and that will not happen if I don't slow down, accept help and rest! I do not alway need to push myself as I have previously written here.

This week I also heard from the ultrasound department regarding the final test for pcos. I think I have come to realise that it's not pcos that is causing my irregular, painful, heavy periods. But it is better to rule it out for certain. I honestly think it's the coil but we will cross that bridge when I know for certain about the pcos. The worst thing about the ultrasound, is that I have to drink 1-2 litres of water an hour before my exam and not pee. I pee ALL THE TIME! This is going to be a real test of my bladder.

In property news, we finally heard from the solicitor and have signed and sent back all the documents they need for the time being. Our mortgage has been granted and our critical illness and life insurance is all taken care of. We have an appointment booked next week to go over the 'Finishing Touches'. Now, the finished touches are very very expensive so the basic fitting will be fine thanks! In all seriousness though a heated towel rail is an extra £200! I can get one from Screwfix for £85. The house itself is already costing more than I had anticipated and I don't have a huge amount to spend on unnecessary fittings. The only room I am really focusing on is the kitchen. For as long as I can remember I have wanted an amazing kitchen so if we are going to spend more on upgrades, this will be the room to do it in! I have also started looking on Pinterest for room inspiration when it comes to decorating, I have only lived in one other house where I could decorate so I am so excited to be able to put mine and Matt's stamp on it (as long as it's not linked to West Ham United).

With the weather feeling colder, I have started making soups for lunches again. I am a huge fan of meal prepping so I like to make batches of soup that are safe to freeze so I always have one to grab for lunch. Last week I made a soup called 'Hamburger Soup' and it really does taste like a McDonald's hamburger! It's in her book called Ladle: paleo and gluten free comfort soups.

So while this week may not have gone to plan it's not been the worst week I have had. Each new day brings new opportunities and all we can do is make better choices and learn from our mistakes. We are, after all, only human. X