Weekly Round Up 09/08/2020

Hooray This week my hooray is taking a week off constant training. I found myself feeling very low on energy and my body started looking bloated so I told myself that I would scale back this week and I've been left feeling a million times better. Sometimes we are all guilty of pushing our bodies too hard, whether that is due to comparison of others or just being hard on ourselves. Sometimes our body just needs a break. It can be hard to mentally accept that you need a break but we cannot continue to battle with ourselves when our bodies are screaming for rest. Staying Active As mentioned above this week I have slowed down a lot but I am going to carry this into the coming week. With biking to work 3-4 days a week now I am going to scale back my strength training to 2 day instead of 3 and make my yoga practice more restorative to help my achy body. On the days I have more energy I will incorporate a more powerful flow. Walking at lunch will never stop as I cannot sit in an office all day! Also biking in this heat can be a little more taxing. Friends I don't usually do anything under friends as I don't really have many but Saturday was the nicest day. Me and my friend Sophie went to watch our partners play football (we all work together which is nice). The weather was lovely and we had a lovely catch up. Afterwards the football team all wanted to go for drinks but I wasn't prepared to go and sit in a pub full of footballers chatting about the game and come on guys, Covid! So I suggested that the boys go and me and Sophie would go home. Instead the four of us went to our local for a drink together which turned into a few drinks and food. It was just so nice to be sat outside with friends having a really nice time! It's been so long (Covid) since we have really socialised with people outside of our immediate family. There is more in store today too as we are off to my sisters for a nice Sunday Lunch. Beans I am still eating all the beans! I'm not sure if I can say I've noticed a difference but I had an acne flare up mid week, ate a few more spoonful of beans throughout the week and the acne has gone down a lot - of the tea tree oil I was using was dodgy and stopping use of that helped. I cannot really say. I am now about to make a bean stew for my lunches next week and roast a few chickpeas for afternoon snacking!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and made the most of this beautiful weather x

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