Weekly Round Up 06/12/2020

Welcome back! I hope you’re all feeling festive - if you are you will love this week's update, if not, maybe this will help you.


Guys…….I’ve finally found my Christmas spirit! It’s taken a while but now it’s here I cannot wait to spend time with my family. Covid is making it tough but we are going to make the best of a bad situation. I realised this week that part of the reason for my lack of festivities stems from the fact that when me and my ex split I had to give up all my Christmas decorations as I no longer had the space to store them. I had accumulated 10 years of Christmas decorations including special ornaments and Christmas plush toys from reindeers to singing Christmas puddings. I then realised that I have the opportunity to start a new collection with Matthew, so on Saturday I took myself into town to buy a few presents and bought some new festive delights! I haven even stopped changing the radio when Christmas songs come on. Me and my sister have also spent some time making Christmas decorations which was great! It sparked my inner child and made me realise that I am rubbish at crafting but fun was had and there are some special decorations ready to hang on the tree. We decorated baubles and made some salt dough ornaments and made a lovely Christmas scene in a box frame. Now the flat is decorated, I am feeling that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling! I also think that opening an advent calendar every morning that contains a crystal is helping. Matt outdid himself on the advent calendar front this year.

The baubles are decorated with slitter and fun festive scenes. Me an my sister had a great time in Poundland and Hobby Craft picking out miniature Christmas decorations so we could fit them into the Baubles. The wreath, Santas and what look like Pokeballs are all made from salt dough.

I was so excited when Matt's mum sent me a photo of the Percy Pig succulents, how cute are they? I also then popped into Flying Tiger as they do the best pieces of toot no one needs but everyone wants and picks up two tree decorations and the Reindeer plush, then in the Card Factory I found the little elf for a whopping 1 pound.

House Update

In house news, I emailed the developer for our house on Friday for an update and apparently they are now estimating completion in January! January! I am not ready for it to be that soon and it’s given me massive anxiety mixed with massive excitement. I am still doubtful that it will actually be that soon. It will also leave us in a sticky situation in relation to the flat we rent at the moment. Per our contract we have to give two months notice. So, what I plan to do is to go and speak to the lettings manager and be honest that we are buying a new build, that the time frame is unknown but we don’t want to be left paying a mortgage payment and a final rent payment in the same month. Luckily, we rent from a company that specialises in property rentals rather than an actual person who likes to buy and rent property. (Our house is the one on the far right of this row with the scaffolding up still)

Health and Fitness

This week I have also been much more motivated in terms of exercise. I have hit my goal of doing three additional workouts alongside biking to work. However, I did have to get the bus twice due to the rain and snow. Yes! On Friday we had about two hours of snow, which was quickly cleared by rain. I am not hard core enough to bike in the rain or snow so bus it was. But, I have a habit of beating myself up mentally when I bus and don’t bike. I know this is ridiculous and it’s not warranted but I feel like a failure, I feel as though I have let myself down. The thing is, we cannot place our self worth on how active we are, or how busy we are. The mind can be very cruel and we have to remind ourselves that not all our thoughts reflect the truth. That inner critic is often wrong and is just out to self sabotage. Through practicing mindfulness and mediation we can teach ourselves to quieten that inner voice and respond in a loving way rather than giving her extra attention.

I hope that everyone reading this had a fantastically festive week and that you are all being kind to yourselves. Just in case you missed this on Wednesday you can check out my latest blog post here x

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