Weekly Round Up 06/09/2020

This week has been a hell of a week! Mainly because I was only at work for 2 days. Monday, in the UK, was a bank holiday and we were meant to be flying to Tunisia on Friday. Unfortunately Tui cancelled our holiday, but we do have Egypt in June to look forward to instead so it's not all bad. So Monday we went for a nice walk to Wrabness in Essex which is a small village on the river Stour. We took our lunches with us and had a little picnic. It was so nice to get out and have a little explore. It's amazing how much beauty there is only a stones throw away! There was also an incredible rope swing that we both had a go on! Embrace your inner child ladies.

PCOS Update On Wednesday I got the results for my PCOS blood test, they came back normal/satisfactory. I know there are three factors that need to be considered in PCOS diagnosis: 1) irregular periods (check), 2) abnormal blood results (negative) and 3) an ultrasound to check for cysts. So I asked to have a phone consultation to discuss the ultrasound with a doctor. So later that day I got the phone call and discussed my symptoms and she told me that an ultrasound would not be required. I was shocked! My mum and sister both have it yet this played no part in her decision of me not needing an ultrasound. She then went on to say that my concerns regarding future fertility were basically, not valid as I am not yet trying. So what? I have to wait until I want children and see what happens? I was not impressed with this outcome. She then asked what method of birth control I was currently using. So I told her that I had the copper IUD and whilst I know that can cause heavier, more painful periods, she told me that it can also cause irregular periods. This was news to me and I have not been able to find any research supporting this. She then went on to ask me if I would consider the injection or implant. I polity declined as I do not want added hormones in my body. So that was a dead end and rather pointless call. So basically all I can do is keep eating in a way that supports my hormones and hope for the best. Oh also, just to add, I was on the pill for 12 years before having the IUD and I know it can take a while for periods to regulate but it's been almost two years! For more on my period journey please read this and this. Keeping Active This week my period arrived, day 40, so in a bid to listen to my body I have focused more on yoga. So many times I soldier though and push my body in order to keep my 'schedule' of HIIT training and strength training but this cycle I decided that I need to honour my body and decreased energy levels. I did bike to and from work the two days I was in (before the period) but this weekend I have taken it a lot easier. I also know the importance of rest and the impacts that over exercising can have on the body. Making the Most of no Holiday Despite the fact me and Matt were unable to go away, we have tried to keep busy and not just sit at home watching countless series on Netflix. On Friday we went to a local farm, a kind of petting zoo almost. There were baby goats, sheep, pigs, horses and donkeys. Donkeys have been my favourite for so long. I was not a child who wanted a pony. Nope, I wanted a donkey. One day I dream of having a garden big enough for two donkeys, and after Friday, two goats! There is nothing wrong with dreaming big! There was also another rope swing, I didn't fancy this one as it went over a small river and I was not up for falling in! Despite the fact that the farm is clearly geared towards children we had a lovely morning out and supported a local business. You don't have to have children to enjoy animals!

The coming Week This week we are going away for two nights with Matt's family to a forest in Norfolk. The universe works in funny ways. So the day we rescheduled our holiday, I mentioned that it would be nice to spend two nights away in a forest location in a cabin with a hot tub. That evening, Matt's mum rang to say that her, Matt's dad and brother were going away for 4 nights to the forest and would we like to go? She told us the dates and it fell over the week we had booked off for Tunisia. All we had to pay for was any additional activities, so we decided to hire bikes and are going to try canoeing! It was so odd! Only a few hours prior, we had mentioned this exact thing! Thank you, you weird, wonderful universe. I hope you have all had a good week and aren't too disappointed by autumn's abrupt arrival!

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