Weekly Round Up 04/10/2020

An just like that, we are in October, a new season, a blue moon month and an opportunity for new goals and challenges. I wish the weather was better, I love a cold crisp autumn day but all we've had recently is wind and rain.

This week has been somewhat of a nightmare, my mood seems to be mirroring the weather which is less than ideal. I have spent way too much time stressing over everything from work, to home life to buying a house.

Work has been mad busy this week and there has been a lot to do. The atmosphere in the office has felt more like a school class with groups standing around whispering and gossiping. I feel like I am too old for this sort of behaviour and without Matt in the office I am feeling very excluded with no one to spend lunches with. So for the most part I keep myself to myself, I go for walks at lunch and listen to podcasts (well one podcast My Favourite Murder), then eat lunch at my desk. I think a lot of this is down the girls in the office being much younger and we seem to be recruiting more younger people. I get that from a business point of view, get young people in and mould them to what you need them to be, but being 30 around young 20 somethings is hard. I am sure I was a lot more mature at that age! Any way, work is work, I go to do my job, get paid and go home.

At home this week I have been stressed because there has been quite a big shift in our roles. When me and Matt worked at the same company we got home together at around 5pm everyday which gave us time to do the chores together before he played PlayStation and I worked out. Now he isn’t getting back until around 6pm. This means that I am getting home and I feel like I need to make sure everything in the flat is being done like the washing up, cooking and washing. The thing is, the chores that Matt did can wait until he gets home, I just like to do everything. Partly because I know he is now working longer hours I want to help. I don’t mind helping out if the favour was reciprocated but often things do not get done unless I specifically ask for them to be done. I put way too much pressure on myself to make sure everything is done for him. I am not a 30’s housewife! I work full time and I do not have to feel like I have to do everything!

There hasn’t really been much change in the house buying process. The mortgage adviser has been incredible and now we have our agreement ready to read and sign. The solicitor called Thursday to say that he would be in touch over the weekend…...Nothing! It’s been 2 weeks today since we reserved the plot and we haven’t heard from him at all unless I have chased him. It’s utterly ridiculous, then when he does contact us he will charge us an arm and leg for his ‘service’! If I haven’t heard from him by tomorrow afternoon I will be calling the developer to ask them to nudge him, again! Oh, we are using the recommended solicitor, I thought this would make the processes easier but apparently not.

This week, I have again, not worked out after work. It was week two of biking and other than a few back aches my body is feeling fine. The plan is to start reintroducing yoga this coming week and a strength workout on Saturday, that way I have Sunday to recover if I do experience any aches. I am also hoping that yoga will help reduce some of this stress that I have been suffering from. I have also not been great at meditating recently and I think this has honestly had a massive impact on my mood and mental health. Honestly, I need to start practicing what I preach!

The weekend finished off the week in a much more positive way. I spent a lovely day on Saturday with my sister and her husband playing bingo (I know I know, I’m only 30 but honestly bingo is great!), before they came round for a takeaway and games night. The dinner was to say thank you for them both helping get Matt to and from work last week while his car was being fixed.

So yes, while this week was stressful there were some good happy times and that is what I have to remember. Not everyday is going to be good, but you cannot be consumed by the negatives.

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