Weekly Round Up 02/08/2020

Holy Moly - we're in August already. This year is just flying by and yet nothing has really happened. Covid stopped the world in a matter of weeks and here we are in August already. I can already hear people saying 'not long until Christmas', those people can bugger off for a little longer. Summer is hitting hard, the temperatures have been soaring, it has however, been a little cloudy here in Suffolk but nothing to complain about.

Hooray of the week

This week me and Matt have been faced with several positive life changing events! I cannot yet share the details as they are not yet finalised but I am hoping at the beginning of September I will be able to share some of the news with you (no I am not pregnant). The thing is, despite these changes being positive, I have been left feeling completely overwhelmed and it's kinda taken the fun out of it all. I think because it's all happened at once I have not been able to process it all. Not all overwhelm comes from negativity and sadness.

Period Update

So I think I am going to do a blog to cover this. This months cycle was 12 days shorter than the previous cycle and the horrid symptoms that came with my previous periods were much less crippling and aggravating. I honestly cannot believe the difference in such a small amount of time. I think it's been around 8 - 12 weeks since I cut out some unnecessary dietary choices and introduced more wholesome foods. It's really encouraging to see the changes and will certainly help me to keep these changes in place. Sticking to something when you notice the benefits makes it easier!

Staying Active

With the heat this week it's been hard but I've actually done more than I normally would. I had to bike an extra day this week (making it 4 days) as Matt has to leave work early on Thursday (we work together). That did not stop me from doing my three days of strength training so I am feeling super proud of myself. Today (Sunday) is my full rest day, no yoga, no biking, no strength training. Maybe just a short walk along the waterfront and then home for a bath and chill with TV!


With starting the blog and trying to grow my presence on Instagram, my Open University course took a back seat but I am back on the learning train and hope to do a little bit more today. It's also a little easier again now that Matt's football training and games are back in full swing. This means that I get Monday and Tuesday evenings to myself and Saturday afternoons, where I can focus on my plans and goals. Life is finally starting to feel a little bit more normal.


I recently came across something called the 'Bean Protocol'. I won't go into it too much now as there is a lot to it, but the basics are that beans help remove toxins from the body, such as excess hormones - and while on my quest to balance hormones, I will happily try beans! You basically try and eat beans with every meal and as snacks. I've been having bean lunches for a while now so that was easy, but to add them as snacks was a little harder as I don't tend to snack during the day.

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