Things to Avoid in the Morning

Things to avoid in the moring

Mornings are important and the way we start our days are often overlooked. I honestly believe that our actions in the morning impact our whole day. If we can focus on positive actions in the morning we can set ourselves up for a positive day.

A lot of us form bad habits that creep into our morning routine, let's have a look at some of these bad habits we create for ourselves.


So many of us snooze our alarms making it more difficult for us to get up. I've never been a fan of Snoozing alarms as it really can leave you feeling sluggish. I currently have an alarm set on my Garmin Watch as I get up before my partner and I just get up straight away. When I lived on my own it was definitely harder to get up with my first alarm so I used to set the alarm on my phone and placed it away from my bed so I have to physically leave the bed to turn it off.

Getting Ready in the Dark

A sure fire way to help you wake up in the morning is to put on the lights, or open the curtains in the summer. By bringing in light it will instantly help you feel more awake. It’s not nice, I know but it is a great way to help yourself feel awake.

Checking Our Phones

A lot of us check out phones immediately, sometimes while still laid in bed. I hate this with a passion, my boyfriend knows better than anyone. When we first started spending the night with each other, I'd go and brush my teeth and get ready for bed, walk into the bedroom and find him on his phone. I'd then have to wait for him to finish whatever it was he was doing. The mornings were just as bad as he would charge it on his bedside cabinet. Before even speaking to me he'd be on his phone. I'm sure I'd have been better off sending him a message! Eventually I weaned him off and now there is a no phone policy in the bedroom. By looking at your phone first things, especially if you're checking the news or social media, is that it's easy to see something that instantly puts you in a bad mood, which can quite possibly stay with you all day. Along with this, we could bombard ourselves with to dos for the day ahead setting us up for increased stress and anxiety. Most phones now come with a 'time out option' for certain apps which I am currently a huge fan of as I stream Yoga videos every morning. It's easy to become distracted by social media notifications etc and that's the last thing I need to be doing at 05:30. Place your phone out of reach and try to not check notifications until you've completed your morning routines.

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfasts are often overlooked meals, we either skip them or pour out a bowl of nutrient lacking cereal. As the name suggests, breakfast brakes the fast from your time sleeping. What you eat for breakfast helps to replenish glucose boosting your energy levels while providing nutrients (if you eat a good balanced meal). Breakfast gives you a boost of energy and can help set up your metabolism for the day. If you eat breakfast you are less likely to gain weight, this is because you are less likely to snack later in the day as you have started your day full of fuel and energy! By eating breakfast you can also help to combat that sluggish feeling where you just feel a little tired and unable to focus. Your brain needs fuel! Try and stick to nutritional breakfasts and try to stay away from processed foods that come in boxes as these are often high in sugar and, well, low in everything else. Good ideas are: eggs, porridge, natural yogurt with a homemade granola and fruit or smoothies.

Waking up at Inconsistent Times

It’s easy to have a lie in at the weekend but this can really play havoc with our circadian rhythm -

this is your body's internal clock. Over time your body will get used to falling asleep and waking at the same time, if we ignore the natural rhythm of our sleep it can leave us feeling irritable, drowsy, cause mood swings and difficulty concentrating. Personally, I allow myself to have a lie in on a Saturday but that is only by an hour. Sunday I like to make sure I am up close to my weekday time as not to disrupt my sleep on a Sunday night. For example, I recently didn’t set the alarm on my watch to get up for yoga, my body however woke

me up naturally 15 minutes later than my alarm would have woken me up which meant I was still able to get up and practise yoga, albeit it a shorter practise but my body is finding its rhythm and it’s helping me wake up naturally.

Not Drinking Water

Most of us sleep between 7-8 hours each night (if you don’t you should!) This means that we have gone a very long time without taking on any hydration. Before you do anything, I suggest everyone should drink at least 1 glass of water. Hydration is so important, our bodies are made of 60% (ish) water afterall! If we are dehydrated, it can impact us negatively in ways similar to not eating breakfast. There isn’t really a lot else to say about it - just drink some water when you wake up - simple!

Things to avoid in the moring

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