The Battle to Better Myself

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Why do I battle With Myself to do More?

I have a Garmin fitness tracker, many people now do. I know they are used to track your steps, activities, sleep etc but sometimes I take all this tracking too far. Let me explain. In March the office moved premises., It used to be a 10 minute walk to the office, it’s now a little further, a 20 minute bike ride or a 15 minute drive. Whilst we have a car, we decided that biking would be a great way to improve our fitness and reduce our carbon footprint (every little helps!). So now we bike to work a few times a week. Due to less walking I changed my step goal from 10,000 to 8,000 - I do still walk every lunch but there is only so far one can walk when they have to eat lunch too. My current plan is to bike three days a week, drive two days a week and walk at lunch every day. On days I bike to work I do yoga in the evening and on days we drive I do strength training.

How it Began The issues started when I began monitoring my times biking to work, I kept pushing to be quicker, I wasn’t doing it for anyone else but I felt the need to keep beating my time, it doesn’t help that Strava has segments that give you your personal leaderboard. The problem with keep pushing like that is that it is not sustainable. I am not training for a race or competition, biking to work is a means of transport, a better way to commute, yet I had it in my mind that that wasn’t enough. So I spent some time at the weekend reflecting on it and it comes down to the fact that I like to be able to control more or less everything! So in a bid to help myself, I have stopped worrying about how long it takes. As long as I’m not late to work I am winning! It’s also difficult to see my step count decline. During lock down I was hitting 10,000-12,000 steps, now I am lucky to hit 9,000 but I am biking and biking is hard and intense so it is ok. I need to remind myself that my steps, or miles biked, or weight lifted does not define me as a person!

Don't be ruled by Data So yes, use your tracker, allow it to motivate you and spur you on but don’t let it rule your day to day life! It’s just an aid, a tool to help give you insights to your fitness. Listen to your body and move in a way that makes you feel good, don’t become a slave to the devices.

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