The Importance of Self Care

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

You can’t show up for others if you haven’t shown up for yourself. I think this is more applicable to women, I don’t mean for this come across sexist but I believe that women have a far greater need to nurture others than men do. However, in my personal experience, I have found that this can often backfire. We have this innate need to take care of those around us and often forget about ourselves in doing so, this can leave us stressed, agitated and fatigued.

We need to make sure we are filling up our own cups before taking care of others. Self care can come in many different forms, from a bath in peace to a walk with the family. My point here is to find what makes you happy and do that, be selfish! Once a day do something that is completely for you.

For me, my go to me time is a workout, after along day at work I can't be there for my partner if I am holding onto my day. A workout for me is a great way to unwind, come back to the present and be a slightly better person. Of course this changes day to day but I will always make time for me.

Top Self Care Ideas

1) Run a nice hot bath with your favourite bubble bath, or my favourite, a Lush bath bomb. If you fancy it put on some calming music or take your book

2) Make yourself a nice hot dink and drink it whilst sat in your most comfortable pyjamas

3) Enjoy a walk in the sun among nature, think a woodland or beach

4) Watch your favourite TV show or film with a blanket, also a good time to add a hot drink

5) Practice yoga and focus on your mind and body

6) Spend time with loved ones, the ones that don't challenge you!

7) Journal your dreams, goals and ambitions

8) Sit in the garden on a clear night watching the stars


Go fill your cups girls!

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