Rhodes Roundup

Lindos Acropolis, Acropolis Lindos, Rhodes Acropolis

After two years of cancelled holidays due to the dreaded Covid, we finally went away on an actual holiday, on an actual plane!

It was actually all a little spontaneous. We had already booked the week off over the Jubilee weekend (thanks Queenie!) and Friday the 27th due to it being my birthday. Countries such as Greece were ending all travel restrictions so my curiosity kicked in - where could we go for a week that would be hassle free? The next step was the check that the rabbits could be booked into the boarding place I use. It’s a service that not a lot of people offer, it’s not as common as catteries and kennels but I found a lovely lady fairly local to us a few years ago and have used her ever since. So, I emailed her and she had availability. I then look to Jet2 to find the perfect holiday! I knew I wanted to go to Greece, I absolutely love the Greek islands and have been going since I was young. So I narrowed it down to two hotels on the island of Rhodes, showed Matt and together we decided on Blue Sea Holiday Village.

This hotel was newly renovated and the only photos were ‘artists impressions’ which made me a little nervous. There were also limited reviews where no one had been away for so long, but it looked nice, it was within our budget and it matched the days off that we already had booked. So we went ahead and booked it, and the countdown began! Luckily, I paid attention to the travel requirements which meant getting Matt a new passport, that was actually an easy process and you can now upload photos yourself rather than having to go to a shop, get your photo taken and send it away - now it is all done online. We also received it back fairly quickly!

The day finally arrived; it was also my birthday! What a treat! The flight out wasn’t until 16:16, which meant that by the time we arrived in Rhodes, the local time was 22:00 ish, we then had an awfully long wait to get through passport control, not helped by the fact that we left the EU! Nice one Britain. Because of the time taken to get through passport control it did mean that the bags were ready as soon as we got through so we grabbed those and made our way to the coach to take us to our hotel - we were the last stop so that was an hour and 15 minutes of driving round the island dropping people off. Finally, we arrived and checked in. The hotel was lovely and clean, it was too late and dark to see where we were or what our view would be so we went to the room, got showered because a day of traveling leaves you feeling icky! The thing that struck us as strange was the door to the room - it was opaque glass and looked more like a cleaning/supply’s cupboard. Whilst it was completely opaque, it did let the light in from the corridor, this for me wasn’t an issue as I sleep in an eye mask, but I was worried it would keep Matt awake. The following morning, we asked if we could swap rooms, they said to come back the following day - turns out Matt slept fine with the light coming through and we did not switch rooms - sorry reception for the faff! A nice little touch was that Matthew emailed ahead and told them that it was my Birthday and they put a cake in the fridge with Happy Birthday written on it!

The next morning, we were up at 7 - why lay in bed when you can go lay on the beach or by the pool, we actually got up at 7am each day, I am not wasting holiday time laying in bed! We went down for breakfast then walked around the hotel to get a feel for it and we were very happy. It was a 10-minute walk to the beach and the hotel had three pools to choose from. One was aimed towards children, one was where the entertainment happened and had a bar, and the other was tucked away and was mainly occupied by adults. The beach was incredible, the water was so clear! It is a stoney beach so water shoes or sliders are recommended. I took my crocs - honestly, they are the most comfortable practical shoes (if you can call them shoes) that I have ever owned, I wore them the entire holiday and they still look brand new!

The majority of our time was taken up by reading on the beach or by the pool. In the evening we

often walked into Afandou, there wasn't a huge amount there but we did find a lovely bar that was super cheap, €5.50 for two drinks! It was also nice to get out and walk in the evening so as not to become completely lazy.

We did spend two afternoons visiting different parts of the island. We went to Old Town which was just incredible. The streets were small and cobbled, there was a massive old castle called the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes which is now a museum full of old Greek finds and mosaics from Kos. Some man liked them and wanted them in his Palace so dug them out and took them! We spent the afternoon walking round the old town, down to the port where the Colossus of Rhodes was said to have stood. We then took a long walk to see the Acropolis of Rhodes, which was disappointingly covered in scaffolding! In the same site there was an Olympic stadium which was a lot bigger than I had expected. After the tourist activities we walked back down to Old Town where we had dinner at a traditional style restaurant. I obviously had to have the moussaka. We then popped over the road for the most outrageously priced drinks that came in a glass the shape of a boot. I just wanted Fanta lemon, not Fanta lemon in a massive boot!

The other town we went to was the town of Lindos, they also have an acropolis and my word it was speculator. Lindos is on the south of the island and has the most amazing looking bays with the bluest water. We were dropped off in the square by the taxi driver and it was so busy until you started walking through the little streets. Lindos is made up of loads of little narrow streets lined with shops. We got a little lost, well, not lost lost, just confused maybe. To get to the acropolis you have quite a trek up lots and lots of stairs, if you are lazy and don’t mind you can pay to ride a donkey, I just stroked them! Once at the top, you have the most spectacular views across the island and out to sea. The sky and sea were unbelievably blue. At the top was also an array of ruins dating through the ages and the acropolis. A lot of the site has been renovated over the years by various settlers and it’s fascinating to see the different phases and ages of the buildings. One of the nicest things across the island are these little stands selling fresh orange juice so, on the way back down we found a little spot to sit with an incredible and had some fresh juice.

Overall, we had a lovely week away - Rhodes is beautiful and we would love to go back - there is still a lot to see and do on the island too. If you were looking to go I would highly recommend flying with Jet2, in comparison to other airlines they had the fewest delays and cancellations, I think we were delayed for 30 minutes coming home. The hotel, Blue Sea Holiday Village, was also amazing, it’s large but not too large and has plenty of space around the pool and on the beach. The dinners were varied from day to day and there were multiple eateries and bars to choose from. The rooms were always clean and tidy and the staff were friendly, welcoming and helpful.