Remember to Slow Down

Do you ever feel like you just go through days without really paying attention to the world around you? We distract ourselves with phones and the TV and computers, we are forever looking at screens and or listening to music or podcasts. When was the last time you mindfully paid attention to the world around you?

I am so bad at it! Every day I wake up, I listen to the radio, I scroll through Instagram, I check emails. Then when I bike to work, I listen to music, I get to work and am forever looking at screens, at lunch I go for a walk and listen to a podcast, I bike home listening to music, I get home and listen to the radio while I work out or cook and then I watch TV until bedtime when I get into bed and read. All day my mind is busy, my eyes are watching and my ears are listening. It’s rare that we just sit anymore. If you are waiting for a bus (ok, no one really gets buses but stick with me) you get bored, you look at your phone. What happened before phones? People would just sit and wait, maybe they would talk to the person waiting beside them. Now - now we are just ignorant to the world around us and we actively look for ways so we are not left alone with our thoughts!

With all that being said, on my recent lunchtime walk I decided to slow down and pay attention to what was around me. My lunch time walking route is pretty crap to be honest - I work in an office on an industrial estate - fun. However, I noticed that there were quite a lot of flowers so on my walk I really paid attention to my surroundings and took photos of all the flowers I saw.

When we slow down and pay attention, we connect with ourselves and the world, we notice things that we would not ordinarily notice. We have time to process our emotions and thoughts. So, this week, try and spend a few minutes a day really focusing on something. Even mundane tasks like brushing your teeth are great activities to really slow down and notice what is happening and what you're doing. Walk outside and listen to the birds, sit in the garden and feel the sun on your skin (hello summery weather). Just spend time being and less time doing!

Although thank you for taking the time to read this on your phone because you come across it on Instagram or Google! Screens aren’t always bad :) x