My Period Story

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

So a little background, I came off the pill almost 3 years ago and initially my periods were pretty ‘normal’ but for the last year my cycles have been long with my periods being heavy and painful and I have no idea what changed! The reason I want to get this under control now is that when I come to have children, I want it to be as easy as possible without side effects. For example, if your luteal phase is short, you are more susceptible to miscarriages. I also have the copper coil, I wanted to go hormone free, whilst I know having a foreign object in my uterus isn’t ideal, I do not want any unforeseen pregnancies and cannot rely on natural methods due to irregular cycles. I also know that the coil can cause heavier more painful periods but the issue is deeper than that.

I would go to the doctor and it is on the cards as there may be an underlying health issue, I just don’t want them to turn around and tell me to go on the pill as that will ‘regulate’ my cycle, which is very likely to be exactly what they say. The pill DOES NOT regulate your cycle, it stops ovulation and therefore you do not have a ‘cycle’, you have a false bleed that is not a PERIOD.

So we are at another cycle where ovulation has gone AWOL. I’m now on day 20, so I suppose it’s not really that late, especially when you compare it to my last cycle, I ovulated on day 33. It’s just annoying that I have made changes, I have cut out sugar and coffee and increased greens and veggies yet I haven’t noticed any change. But it is only cycle two, Rome wasn’t built in a day and my reproductive system isn’t going to fix itself in two months.

I also know that there is still room for improvement, it’s just finding a balance between wanting to sort out my hormones whilst still enjoying life and having the odd ‘naughty’ dessert or glass of wine. It’s difficult to know if going all in will help but at the cost of living! All I can do for now is keep making sure that 80-90% of my food and drink intake is as healthy as it can be.

The good thing about tracking Basal Body Temperature is that you can pinpoint the exact point of ovulation (after the fact), due to my irregular cycles it’s not great for predicting trends etc but in time, with constant tracking I am hoping that my cycle becomes more regular. The worst part is the pain! The pain has had me doubled over the toilet in fear of throwing up, it’s only happened once where I was actually sick but my last 4 cycles have had me feeling nauseous. I have tried using a TEN’s machine, hot water bottles, ginger tablets and as a last resort Ibuprofen but I know this level of pain is just not right.

I am also very aware of the impact stress has on hormones and with Covid-19 still lingering I know the stress from working from home and having no separation from my partner has not helped. I am very much used to quite a lot of alone time due to him playing football several times per week but with lock down all this went out the window and suddenly we were forced to be with each other more or less 24/7 but we can go into that in another post!

I will continue to make these changes to my lifestyle in hopes of balancing my hormones naturally. After all periods are a barometer for your overall health and if your cycle is out of whack, it’s because something else is wrong.

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