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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Monthly Calm - Create Better Days

If you follow me on Instagram I recently announced that something exciting was happening - I can finally announce that I have teamed up with Create Better Days. Create better days have formulated Monthly Calm, a softgel capsule that contains natural ingredients to help alleviate period pains and PMS. As you know, I am a big fan of finding ways to relieve period pains naturally so I was very excited to be approached by Tracy, the founder of Create Better Days.

If you have read my period story you know I have suffered for the last year or two from crippling period pains. I am so happy to say that these tablets have had a huge impact on my period. You can read a full review of my experience when taking Monthly Calm here.

I was interested to know more about the ingredients Tracy used in the tablets and what their benefits are.

Having had PMT and brutal period pains throughout her adult life Tracy Wogman (the founder of Create Better Days) wanted to develop the best possible product for women to help ease the natural easing response to the discomfort associated with their menstrual cycles.

She realised the need and the demand for a botanical, healthy alternative to the harsh chemicals in prescription or over the counter painkillers that may come with potential side effects. Tracy wanted to change this as it is currently the only option that exists on the market for women today.

Tracy first benefited from the famed anti-inflammatory properties of CBD after trying some in America to ease the neck pain she had suffered from sitting uncomfortably on the plane journey over. After seeing the incredible results, she knew that there was a market that would allow her to help other women with their monthly discomfort. In creating Monthly Calm she first asked herself what she would expect from a PMS and period pain reliever, based on her own personal experience, and then set about to find the best natural botanicals that were known for their effectiveness in treating period pain.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is naturally present in hemp leaves and has been recognised throughout the world as possessing calming, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, with none of the intoxicating and addictive elements associated with cannabis. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits are due to its interaction with receptors in the brain. As the uterus is thought to be an area where these receptors are highly concentrated, this explains why CBD is so effective for period pains and menstrual discomfort. This was a no brainer for Tracy, so was the first ingredient to be introduced.

Monthly Calm - Create Better Days

Fractionated coconut oil was chosen next, because it has natural qualities that increase the rate at which your body absorbs the ingredient it carries. This was a match made in heaven when it came to the fractionated coconut oil and the CBD, because it allows the CBD to be ingested quicker and targets the affected area naturally.

Cramp bark has been historically used for migraines and in more recent years has been used to treat period cramps and discomfort. Traditionally speaking, this is due to its relaxing effects on isolated uterine tissue .

Chamomile is most valued for its anti-inflammatory, relaxing and calming properties that help to balance emotions and help ease tension. Chamomile’s use for easing period cramps and lessening PMS mood swings goes back as far as ancient Roman times so we're glad to have this ingredient in the mix.

Fennel is an herb with a liquorice-like taste and celery-like crunchy texture that not only helps alleviate menstrual pain but keeps your energies up and relieves water retention

Magnesium was added because it is a mineral that supports the nervous system and muscle relaxation. Magnesium, in particular, is notable for its muscle-relaxing qualities and reducing the painful effects from the prostaglandins (the hormone like substances that cause your muscles and blood vessels to contract and relax). Magnesium really is ideal in encouraging a better night’s sleep, balancing your moods and food cravings.

Tracy was also conscious of ensuring that the bottle itself was 100% environmentally friendly so she designed the slimline packaging, that is dispatched in a plain envelope, to fit easily through your letterbox and requiring no signature.

Create Better Day’s Monthly Calm is made for those women who struggle with PMS and their menstrual cramps and are looking for a natural way to ease that discomfort. The soft gel capsules may be small, but they are packed with incredible natural ingredients that can benefit. They contain Magnesium, Cramp Bark, Chamomile, Fennel, Fractionated Coconut Oil and 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

If like me you want to try a natural approach to relieve period pains you can order this wonderful product here and as a little added bonus, you can use the code ‘HHW’ at checkout, to save 10% off the purchase price.

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