Monthly Calm - Create Better Days Review

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Monthly Calm CBD Review

This review is for Monthly Calm CBD tablets from Create Better Days, the review is written day by day as I thought it would be more accurate and true than a review written at the end of of my period!

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The instructions are to start taking the tablets 3 days before your period. My luteal phase can be between 9-11 days so I started taking them 8 days after my confirmed ovulation date. You should continue to take them up until any discomfort eases, so maybe the first few days of your period as this seems to be the most painful time. This post turned into a longer post than planned thanks to a 14 day luteal phase! Who would have thought I’d improve my luteal phase within 3 months! Anyway - let's get to it - please read this review in full to get a true understanding of how beneficial I have found these tablets.

Day 1) - I did not take the tablets as instructed. I completely misread the packaging and had three in the morning. The correct way to take these tablets is to take 3 spaced out evenly through the day, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner! Did I experience any side effects, um, other than being severely hungry no, but the hunger could just be part of the luteal phase. When I woke up I was in a foul mood and I have absolutely no patience, to the point I warned my partner not to piss me off! The night before had been a really bad night's sleep and it left me feeling very irritable. By the evening I felt fine, I was a little irritable but nothing compared to what I was expecting. On Wednesdays we do our grocery shopping online and I tend to get very very annoyed whilst doing this task, yet it all went smoothly. Could these little tablets really be helping ward off PMS symptoms?

Day 2) Today I have taken the tablets as recommended rather than taking all three in the morning. I had a better sleep last night so instantly I feel better in myself. I have felt the slight onset of cramps today but again, with my cycle, my period could be here tomorrow or in another few days. I am just going to continue taking the tablets and see how it goes. This evening I just needed space, I didn’t want to be around anyone (sorry Matt) so after dinner I went and sat in the second bedroom with the rabbits and watched an episode of Virgin River snuggled up with my blanket. My patience was wearing thin this evening and I felt really grumpy and low. I did miss taking a tablet half way through the day so maybe that didn’t help as I felt calmer after taking a tablet after dinner!

Day 3) My period has not yet arrived but my moods and slight cramps are hinting that it is near. Last night I had the best sleep I've had in a few days so I woke up feeling a little more refreshed, still grumpy though. Hormones are a bitch. I took my first tablet with breakfast and as the morning progressed I started to feel a little less miserable. We had news yesterday that our house is ready (me and Matt are buying a new home and have been waiting patiently for 6 months for it to be completed), with this news came both excitement and fear. There is so much to think about buying and the moving process is something I HATE with a passion. This grouped with being due on is a recipe for major mood swings, but I have to remember the bigger picture and not let my emotions and feelings drag me down. This is an exciting time that I should be embracing. I have also remembered to bring a tablet to work for mid day so hopefully that will help keep my mood lifted.

Day 4) Today I have felt a lot calmer, I needed a lot of time to myself and didn’t want to talk too much to those around me, I was also super hungry. I had lunch, then had more lunch. I just feel very low, I have little to no energy and I just want to curl up and go inwards. So that is what I spent the day focusing on. It’s been nice!

Day 5) I definitely started taking the tablets a little too early, which is actually a good thing as it means my luteal phase is longer than it has been. Ordinally it’s around 11 days, today is day 13. Maybe the small lifestyle and health changes I have been making are starting to pay off. Although that being said I have spent this weekend eating absolute crap - and I can tell you, I’m feeling it. I woke up this morning and felt very puffy everywhere. This evening my cramps have gotten a little more severe but nothing major. I also had a huge meltdown regarding the house buying process just before bed, I think I needed to let out a lot of pent up emotion.

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Day 6) Still no period yet, running out of tablets which is annoying, should have started taking them later but we live and learn! It’s also difficult to know when to start when you can’t be sure when your period is going to arrive. I definitely feel as though the tablets are helping. Despite feeling low and a little sad, it hasn’t been too bad. With regards to the cramps, I cannot yet say how they are helping as days 2-3 of my periods are the worst.

Day 7) This is the longest luteal phase I have ever had! Today I feel really tired, I am finding it difficult to concentrate on my work and tasks at hand. I feel as though I am moving through custard, everything feels very slow and difficult. I did manage to do an upper body and abs workout. The thing I love about strength training around my period is that you can make it as fast paced or as slow as you need. Unlike cardio, you can take weight training at your own place which works well for me. I am still feeling very sensitive about what people say to me and how I perceive them to be talking to me.

Day 8) Surely my period will arrive today? I have had to order another pot of tablets as I started WAY too early. Today I have woken up feeling a lot more positive, I feel powerful and focused. I understand that when I need to take a step back in order to avoid saying something I will later regret. I would rather ignore someone for a period of time, than reply with a snap judgement reaction, I should have done this a week ago and stuck with it! I am sorry this has turned into such a long post, I was honestly expecting my period 3 days ago!

Day 9) It’s here! I am hoping my new order of Monthly Calm arrives today too - annoyingly it’s day one of my period and I have run out of tablets. To be fair, the pain hasn’t been too bad. Ideally the tablets should be taken during the first three days of your period so I am hoping I can continue to take them from this evening. I honestly cannot believe that my luteal phase has gone from 9-11 to 14 days! That is huge. A short luteal phase is linked to higher chances of miscarriage during pregnancy(1) which is the main reason for me wanting to improve my menstrual health. When it comes time to have children, I want it to be as healthy and as safe as possible and the actions that I do now will ultimately increase my chances of 1; becoming pregnant and 2; having a healthy pregnancy.

Day 10) Ok so this was only meant to be a 6 day review of the product! My new order arrived so as soon as I got home I was able to take a tablet. Day one of my period is usually just a nod to the fact it’s here, overnight and day two are where it kicks up a notch. Last night I was quite uncomfortable and woke up around 4 tossing and turning. In the end I got up and went to the toilet. Thanks to prostaglandins, I end up going to the toilet a lot more frequently in the first 2-3 days of my period. Prostaglandins are the hormones responsible for making your uterus contract to expel the blood. The bowel is very close to the uterus and it can have the same effect there, you get me?!?! Once I woke up I did a gentle yoga flow, popped a tablet and placed a heat pad on my abdomen. Since then the pain has more or less gone completely. For day two that is unheard of! I haven’t not taken ibuprofen on day two of my cycle in over a year so this is huge!

Day 11) This is definitely the worst day pain wise, day 2-3 is always the worst, but even at its worst today I was not reaching for the ibuprofen. I did need a hot water bottle at times but nothing more than that and Monthly Calm. This is the first period in years where I have not taken ibuprofen. I am truly amazed by Monthly Calm and will definitely be keeping them on hand for future periods.


What I love most about Monthly Calm CBD is that all the ingredients are natural and that they have all been chosen for a specific reason. To read all about why Tracy (the founder) chose the ingredients she did, make sure you read this post. I am not sure they helped with my PMS this month but I am still slowly working through balancing my hormones and as hormones balance we can experience different symptoms as we move through our cycles while our bodies heal. Saying that, I did sleep a lot better in the run up to my period, ordinarily I have very restless dream filled nights, I did not experience that this month so that is another huge benefit for me. Also, not having to take ibuprofen is HUGE! My flow this month has also been a lot lighter, this could be linked to Monthly Calm too. If you want to know more about how CBD helps reduce pain, please check out this post.

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If you are interested in trying Monthly Calm - you can do so with a 10% saving! Just use the code HHW at the checkout to get 10% off your order.

When you make your order - let me know your experience when taking them and how it affects your period. If you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to help. x

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