Lockdown is Easing and the Garden is getting Done!

Welcome Back!

Having a brand-new home is exhausting! You’d think, and it probably is, that buying a brand-new house would be easier than buying a decorated well-established home. Well, a brand-new home is bland - very very bland. There is no colour anywhere, other than what we have added with furnishings. There are no blinds or curtains poles so all of those have to be purchased and fitted, turns out I’m quite handy with a drill! This weekend I put up four blinds while Matt was at football, there is still one left to do but I cannot reach it and putting a dining chair on the stairs to enable me to reach it seems like a bad idea! I have also started adding plants to every room of the house, my track record of keeping plants alive is poor but I am really trying this time, I even have an app that helps remind me when to water - I do have a tendency to overwater plants. Now shops are back open we need to go and look at beds for the master bedroom! It’ll be weird swapping rooms when we get it all sorted.

I am now a Gardener - Kind of

The hardest thing we have done so far, well other than the shed assembly, is paint the fence panels in the garden and carport. Poor Matthew honestly believed that one pot of paint and a few hours would cut it, two hours, 6 fence panels later, we had run out of paint! That’s not even half of what we need to paint. We ended up buying two more pots. Three painting sessions later and the fences are done! We have also dug in the patio and laid the ballast. Now we just need to wait for the arrival of the remaining slabs and enlist the help of my brother-in-law to get it finished! Once that’s done it’s time for turf! It’s been a long few week with little rest at the weekends. Luckily, we have a bank holiday coming up where I intended to full relax and recuperate.

Lockdown is Easing!

As lockdown restrictions ease in the UK, we made the most of this and went to the local for a few drinks last Saturday night with some friends. I’ve never been the most social person so was not one of those people who booked a table as soon as pubs allowed bookings! Despite not being an overly social person, when I do decide to put my big girl pants on and go out, I have a lovely time and this was no exception. It was so nice to just sit with friends and have a drink and a laugh! While I didn’t drink too much, I was happily drunk. Somehow, I woke up feeling pretty fine on Sunday - well, the McDonalds breakfast helped! This Friday me and Matt were off work and made the most of the incredible weather by spending the day eating and drinking! I hope that you are enjoying a little more freedom and seeing family, friends and loved ones. At the end of the day, we are all mammals and we all need social interactions to live our best lives - even if sometimes you don’t want to! I think lockdown has been hard on those with social anxiety as they have had a free pass without having to explain to people why they don’t want to go out or make up excuses to not go out. If you are one of those people, take it slowly, meet one person so it feels a little less overwhelming and then start to add more people back into your lives.

What is Stoicsm?

Something I have started paying more interest in is Stoicism. Now, to be honest, until recently I had never heard of this word and I am still not really sure how to describe it. This is what Britannica has to say ‘The Stoics believed that perception is the basis of true knowledge. In logic, their comprehensive presentation of the topic is derived from perception, yielding not only the judgment that knowledge is possible but also that certainty is possible, on the analogy of the incorrigibility of perceptual experience. To me it’s about living a life where you feel happy and content, if you died tomorrow, you would die happy, it’s about learning to let go of the little things and accept that you cannot change situations, you can only change how you respond to those situations. So, I stumbled across a book called The Daily Stoic, it contains a quote for each day of the year with a description and interpretation of the quote and so far I love it. I have added it into my morning routine. Before yoga I will read the quote and think about it while I practice yoga. After my practise I journal about my musings and thoughts surrounding the stoic quote. This might not be everyone, but I think it’s very eye opening and a lot less self help than most of the things I have read. It’s more about questioning your beliefs and learning to be happier within your own life.

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