Life After the Copper Coil

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Life After the Copper Coil


So, if you have followed me for a while you will be aware that I was having the most awful periods. The pain was so bad I was actually sick! That is not normal. After putting up with this pain for the best part of a year I decided that I need to make a drastic change. Lifestyle and diet changes were not enough to rid me of these symptoms. After much research and discussion with my partner I decided that the copper coil needed to go.

Why I made the Change

The main reason I got the copper coil is after reading, in detail, about the side effects of the birth control pill I was massively put off and wanted to stop taking it. I had been on it for close to 15 years. I was so naive about the truths of the pill and the impact that it has on our bodies. The thing is, at 15, you just go on the pill - it’s the ‘normal’ thing to do to prevent pregnancy. Other than condoms I had no idea about other other forms of birth control! This needs to change. Women need to know the truths about hormonal birth control and by truths I mean the biggest lie of them all. The pill helps regulate your cycle. Um no. The pill prevents you from ovulating - no ovulation, no period. If you do not ovulate it messes with every single hormone in your body. Ovulation is essential for women but I will save the details for another post. But basically - the point here is that the pill does not regulate anything, it prevents ovulation and therefore stops your periods (if you bleed it’s not a true period, it’s breakthrough bleeding).

Back to the Topic at Hand

Anyway - rant over, back the copper coil. I went with the copper coil in 2017 as I wanted a hormone free method of birth control and for two years it worked well. My periods were heavier and slightly more painful but considering I hadn’t had a true period of many many years I didn’t know what to expect. Then over time my periods got even heavier and more painful. The copper coil had to go! This wasn’t a decision that we took lightly, for starters, what would we use to prevent pregnancy? I love the idea of the natural birth control where you use your body temperature and cervical music (sounds lovely), this works wonderfully if your cycle is regular, mine is not. So condoms it is!

Don't Diss Condoms!

When it comes to condoms, you grow up with guys saying ‘I hate how they feel’ etc, well I’m sorry guys but it’s not just the woman's job to prevent pregnancy, also condoms are the only way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections. So in a bid to still find sex pleasurable, Matthew took to Amazon and bought 6 different styles and brands of condoms. We then had a fun task of rating the condoms after use. The first time through we picked the condom first, the second time I blind tested him so he wasn’t automatically comparing them. Turns out, condoms do not make much difference at all and if your man says they do, he’s lying! Spend a little bit of money and test a range of options and pick your favorite!

The Period

So let me give you a quick period update. I had my copper coil removed in November just at the end of my period, the next cycle I had an anovulatory cycle (I didn't ovulate) due to a lot of stress I had going on in my personal life. This cycle, however, I did ovulate meaning I got my period - hooray! So the day before my period I had quite a lot of cramping and everytime I went to the loo I was expecting to see blood but nothing happened. That evening before bed I put my menstrual cup in as I knew it had to be arriving soon and when I removed it in the morning there was blood! So day one I went off to work as normal and around 10:00 I got really intense cramps, I took two ibuprofen. Now, in hindsight I probably could have avoided taking them but fear from previous periods resulted in me taking them, just in case. One thing I did notice though is how much lighter my flow was! I was amazed. The copper coil caused unbelievably heavy periods so this is a nice change. Day two I had little to no cramps at all and I didn’t experience trapped wind and constipation. Now, this might be down to my diet more than the copper coil but even so, it’s rare to get through an entire period and not experience bowel discomfort. The woman's body is just fantastic isn’t it! In total my period only lasted 4 days. Now this seems too short but time will tell what my 'normal' will be. I had no cramps other than the day before my period and day one. I'm so shocked by how little I actually bled. Let's hope this continues. Now I need to focus on regulating my cycle!

At the moment I tend to ovulate around day 24 of my cycle but it can be as late as day 30. My aim is to start ovulating a lot earlier in my cycle, more into the normal range of day 14-21. I know I can do this by watching my diet and avoiding inflammatory foods such as refined carbohydrates and sugary foods.

Respect You Bodies Ladies

The thing is, I truly believe that if we all ate better and moved mindfully no one would experience painful and heavy periods. Periods should not cause you to take days off work or school. Periods should not stop us from living our best lives for 3-4 days per month. We need to take ownership of our bodies and treat them with the love and respect they deserve, and in return they will look after and care for you. As always, I will keep you updated :)

My Expereince with the Copper IUD

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