Hungrier? - It could be your hormones!

Why do you feel Hungrier before your Period?

Do you find that at certain points of the menstrual cycle that you are hungrier than other times? Your body goes through so many changes throughout your cycle, and with that comes a change in your hunger levels. Estrogen is an appetite suppressant, and progesterone is more of an appetite enhancer so just after your period, you will probably be feeling less hungry, the minute you ovulate your hunger increases!

If you aren’t already tracking your cycles, you really should be! It can tell you so much more about your health and wellbeing. For a guide to tracking your cycle check out this post!

So, if you are someone who has a rough idea of where you are in your cycle, you might notice that after ovulation you start to feel hungrier, in my case a lot hungrier! This is due to the fact that your body temperature increases, thus increasing your metabolic rate.

Now there are several different options as to how you can deal with these signals 1) you binge 2) you ignore the cravings for more food 3) you listen to your body and eat more wholesome foods. Binging will lead to feelings of failure, weight gain and a horrible period. Ignoring the cravings is fine but your body needs the fuel so ideally you should listen to your body and eat another small meal or a healthy snack. Think high protein, wholesome carbohydrates and a little fat! You can satiate your hunger in a controlled way.

Reduce Cravings Before your Period

When your body needs fuel it will tell you, it is your job to listen to it and put in some good nutritional foods!

Below are some great snacks for when your body needs more food!

These snacks will give you the fuel your body needs while maintaining a healthy diet.

The Takeaway

Basically, you can either binge (not advised), ignore and deprive your body of the energy it needs (again, not the best idea), or be sensible and add more wholesome foods into your diet for 2 weeks until your period arrives and your hunger ebbs again.

The real key here is to be in tune with your body and listen to its signals. Your body is smarter than you think and it knows when more fuel is required!