How to make small changes that last

It's being going ok but......

Over the last year I seem to have made a lot of little changes here and there. But they haven't stuck as a whole. I started eating beans, I stopped eating beans, I stopped drinking coffee, I started drinking coffee, I started working with the moon, I stopped working with the moon. Every time I found a new habit, I stopped another. I flit between tasks; I never fully commit but at the same time I never fully throw in the towel. I just need to add one step onto the other and stop flip flopping about. I need to fully commit to my mind and body! I need to understand that in order to live my healthiest, happiest life, I need to implement all these changes at the same time and stop dropping good habits for new good habits.

Maybe thinking of building a wall with good habits will work better? Each brick laid, holds up the next and so on until there is a good solid wall full of good habits! You can't then take away the lower level bricks and expect to have a strong stable wall that will last.

So how can we make all these little habits stand the test of time - until such time they no longer serve us?


Really ask yourself what you want to achieve and why! Do you want to feel happier? Sleep better? Stress less? Once you know what you want you can put a plan in place and have something to work towards. Then you can start to implement the habits that you will need to make this goals achievable.


Make sure people close to you know your plans and goals so that they can support you along the way. If you like social media and have a community of like-minded people, share your changes with them as a way to hold yourself accountable. If you are going to share, you have to make sure you share the good and the ugly, if you have a wobble or you didn’t do as you planned, share that too! Not so you can be judged, but so you can address your shortcomings and receive support and advice from others!


Are your goals measurable? Make sure you check in and look at how you are starting to feel, are you noticing the positive changes? Maybe those around you can see the changes in you - maybe they can see a lift in your mood, a spring in your step and a glow to your skin! By ensuring you have a solid plan, you can easily monitor the results.

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