Foreo Bear Review with Before and After Photo's

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Foreo Bear Review

I’ve been considering buying a microcurrent facial device for a while now. I am always drawn to skin care devices but when you are paying quite a lot I like to be sure that; 1) I want it and; 2) I need it (not that I ever really need them!). Originally I was looking to buy the NuFace or NuFace mini. That was until Foreo released their Bear. After doing a lot of research into Foreo Bear vs NuFace I decided to go for the Foreo Bear. The main reason for this was price and that the Foreo Bear offers anti shock technology. I definitely did not want to feel the current too much when using the device.

What is a Microcurrent Device

A microcurrent device is a small handheld unit that sends microcurrent of electricity to the skin to offer a lift to any saggy areas by toning the muscles. They are also touted as being able to boost radiance, increase lymphatic drainage, stimulate collagen, and reduce fine lines over time. The current used is low and the process is non-invasive, making it perfect for at home facials.

What Does The Foreo Bear Offer

The Foreo Bear is a relatively new product and also comes in a mini version for targeted areas. I went for the full size model as I knew I wanted it for my whole face. The Foreo Bear also works with an app, well you need the app for first time use, but after that you can use the device independently. The Foreo Bear also has patented T-SonicTM pulsations which have been designed to help improve circulation, eliminate toxins and ease facial tension which all lead to more a radiant glow! I love the feel of the T-SonicTM pulsations, there is something very soothing about them. The Foero Bear also offers a patented Anti-Shock SystemTM. Advanced sensors measure the skin's resistance to electricity and adjusts the intensity automatically. Until I read this I hadn’t even considered being shocked by the device. The device also offers 5 levels of intensity so you can personalise your facial. The shape of the device also means that it is super comfortable to hold without it being too big or small. Unlike other devices, there are no additional attachments like you can get with NuFace but I honestly feel like you wouldn’t need attachments as it really does fit the contours of my face without any issue.

Do You Need Any Special Products to Use The Foreo Bear?

SBC Collagen Gel

Yes and no. Let me explain. Microcurrent devices work best with a water based gel as the gel

conducts the current. Foreo suggests that you use their Serum Serum Serum, however any water based gel product will work. Never use a microcurrent device without a gel conductor. I have been using SBC’s Collagen Gel since I was about 19 and I love it. Luckily all the gels from SBC are safe for use with microcurrent devices so for me I was able to stick to my normal skin care routine, I just added an extra punch to my daily skin care routine. As a rule I apply toner to my skin first, I just spray straight onto my face and pat it in. I then use a water based serum from the Ordinary before I cover half my face in the collagen gel from SBC. I then start using the Foreo Bear, now I did toy with doing a video of the process but, well I pull some awful faces so instead I will link the Foreo guide!

How Often Should I Use The Foreo Bear?

The Foreo Bear can be, and should be, used daily. Essentially the device is a workout for the muscles in your face and in the same way we need to exercise regularly to build and tone muscles in the body, the muscles in your face are no different. The guide per the app offers a two minute treatment and after watching a few different videos I now vary my treatment time depending on the time I have and how much of a facial I want to give myself. It really is down to your personal preference. For my daily treatment I set the intensity to the mid way setting, then twice a week I increase the intensity and give myself a slightly longer facial workout.

Foreo Bear Results

I guess what you all want to know is if I have had results. The below pictures are the Foreo Bear before and after pictures. I have to say that I am really impressed! I have been using the device for a month and I think you can really see the difference in my face. The most noticeable difference is in my nasolabial folds (what a name!), that is the line between my nose and my mouth. I also have seen an improvement in my jaw line and I am starting to see a difference around my eyes. I have quite heavy eyelids. I hope to continue to see results while delaying the signs of aging skin. I have always been a skincare junkie and any new device always grabs my attention.

I hope this has helped you if you are considering buying the Foreo Bear, if you have any questions let me know and I will try to help!

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