Covid - 19 & Lockdown

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

It was 23rd March 2020 and I remember being told at 10am that we would all be packing up our computers and working from home for the foreseeable future. Covid had been on the news for weeks prior to this but for me it was very easy to ignore the fact that it was real. No one I knew was affected, work was normal - then bam, everything changed. Me and my partner, Matt, work at the same company so for us that means two desktop computers, two desks and two office chairs set up in our lounge for 12 weeks. I went into panic mode, the drive home I felt instant tension throughout my whole body, how was I going to live with this man 24/7. We were used to having our own space, our own time. Matt played football two evenings a week and a game on Saturday and, as much as I love Matt, I love that time to myself. The initial plan was for me to set up in the second bedroom but thought that would 1) messy two rooms 2) I would be isolated all day and I think that would be lonely. So, into the lounge we went. It was really strange at first but I made sure that I stuck to my morning routine. We would wake up at 6:20 am like we did every morning, I would then go for a half hour walk on my own before coming home and setting up at my desk for the day. We would then both go for a walk at lunchtime to get some fresh air and would go for a bike ride twice a week to keep up some form of exercise. I also made sure that I did my evening workouts as normal. Luckily I wasn’t a member at the gym and was able to stick to my normal workout routines. So all in all day to day life was pretty normal. The only thing we really missed out on that we did weekly was go to the cinema and out for dinner but we replaced that with takeaways on saturday nights with a film. Not quite the same but it was a nice way to keep normality. During this time working from home my manager would do a house party call with me and my colleague which was nice as I got to see and speak to people outside of the family. The company as a whole was pretty terrible and no one was kept updated or thanked. One day we received an email telling us that we would be phasing people going back into the office. The government guidelines still remained ‘work from home where possible’, for us it was possible but this didn’t seem to worry management. I was fuming. So I was fuming at the thought of working from home and now I was fuming about having to go back to the office. I knew we would have to go back eventually but it just felt rushed, it was the opposite of what the government was advising and the communication from management was poor. But what can you do?! My mum, sister and I would video call each other most days for a check in, it’s the most I have spoken to them since I lived at home and that was really nice, it was nice to know they were there for me and me there for them. It’s definitely bought us closer too which is lovely. My poor mum works for Asda so she was in the thick of it from the off, she was getting up at 1am to be at work by 2 making sure everyone ordering home deliveries got their orders. I am very fortunate that everyone I knew was ok through this, we all were able to continue working and we all stayed safe. We also had a few quiz nights with Matt’s friends and family. Now that we are back in the office it feels as though I never left. It’s like 12 weeks of my life have just disappeared. I really do think that keeping to a routine while working from home helped my mental state and kept me balanced. . Yeah, we had arguments, there were tears, but this was new for all of us. Life still has not returned to normal and I’m not sure it will for a long time but all we can do is be kind to ourselves and others and just trust that people are doing the best they can.

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