I'd had Enough!

Recently I have been suffering from major burnout! I didn’t realise how bad it was until I finally stopped, I stopped rushing around and cleaning and doing the garden and house bits. I took a day off for myself, I went and had a massage, watched lots of TV and realised how much pressure I had been under trying to complete everything. While everything I have been doing is for the greater good, we now have a lovely finished house and garden, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t struggle. Moving, furnishing and gardening coincided with the lock down easing in the UK which meant I also felt pressured to meet up with people for drinks and make an effort for others.

I no longer felt like myself, I was more tired, a lot more irritable and I lost my motivation for everything. I have barely worked out since we moved a little over two months ago, my morning routine has gone out the window and I haven’t written any blogs and my social media present has taken a step back. I am now fed up of feeling like this and I am putting my foot down and making changes. These changes are mainly mental, I have found it very easy to make excuses to not do the things I enjoy and the things that I know make me feel better. Now life is slowly evening out. I plan on making more time for the things I love, more time for relaxing and more time for having fun. I’ve been a right grump lately.

Luckily, the fun starts next week as it’s my birthday on 27th May and we can finally go away for my belated 30th (thanks covid). There are 6 of us going away for two nights and I am so looking forward to it! It’s been so long since I have had fun with multiple people and they are the best humans! Following the weekend away me and Matt have a week off work, we should be in Egypt (thanks again covid). Instead, we are making the most of local activities and time together without the stress of work and mundane daily routines!

To cheer you up, and showcase my efforts, here are some photos of the house and garden! All that is left to do is buy a chest a drawers for the master bedroom and clean the patio! Not bad considering we did it all (except the turf) ourselves!

When you feel rundown, unmotivated and just down right crappy, take a step back, allow yourself some space and you time. Don’t let it go on for so long that you lose yourself. X

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