A Little Life Update!

I have had a hell of a few weeks - a few weeks back I fell off my bike. It was bad, I was going downhill, I hit 31 mph, some woman was crossing the road and didn’t see me. I saw her and tried to adjust my course. As I made my manoeuvre around her, she saw me, panicked and I hit her - hard (next time someone is in my way I will scream rather than wait to see if they notice me!). I ended up winded, grazed and had the most horrendous pain in my lower abdomen from where the handlebars hit. She sat on the floor and all I remember is hearing her ask if someone could help her up. If I am honest - I couldn’t have cared less about how bad off she was. The pain in my stomach was awful. I was extremely lucky that a nice man in a van stopped, offered me a bottle of water and kindly took me home

. When I got home, I called Matt immediately and said to him that he needs to take me to A&E. Luckily, he was almost finished at work but left straight away. After calling Matt I looked at myself in the mirror and burst into tears, my face was so swollen and grazed. My tooth had been knocked into my lip, splitting it. The whole left side of my body was grazed, covered in tarmac and blood. With it being summer I was in shorts and a tank top - a lot of skin was on display! I placed a towel on the bed and called my mum and sister, who luckily were together. I told them what had happened and that I was going to A&E. I think that worried my mum as I never make a fuss if something happens so she knew it had to be bad. She then laughed as she realised that I was laid on a towel and said that only I, with my neat freak ways, would place a towel on the bed so I didn’t get blood on the sheets!

Matt made it home in good time, told me to go to the toilet and packed me an A&E bag which included: water, my kindle, savlon, baby wipes and a packet of tissues! He might be testing at times but in an emergency, he was incredible! Luckily, he was able to wait with me in A&E. It wasn’t long before I was seen by the consultant who took down notes on what happened and where I was injured. Then about 30 minutes later the doctor saw me who poked and prodded me. I was then referred for a CT scan! A nice porter came over and placed me in a wheelchair and wheeled me away while Matt waited patiently. At that point he should have gone and got dinner, all we’d had was vending machine treats! I had to have a ‘line’ inserted into my arm so that they could run a dye through me during the CT scan. The CT scan was fine and relatively quick, the dye was odd, it was warm and made me feel like I had wet myself. I then got wheeled back to A&E where I waited for my results. That was probably the longest wait of the evening. By now it must have been about 21:30 and Matt was getting hungry. He was also kicked out of A&E because it was getting busier so he went to McDonalds to get himself dinner while I waited for the results. More or less as soon as he left, I was called through for my results. Thankfully there was no damage done to my lower abdomen but there were two bone lesions found, on my right thigh bone and one on my spine. The doctor said that I should bring this up with my doctor for further investigation - Great! I then called Matt to come pick me up just as his food was being brought out to him, typical, so he got his food and came to pick me up then off we went to eat dinner and watch TV before going to bed. All in all, we were in and out of A&E within 4 hours - I was very impressed because all over the news are articles on how badly the NHS is doing!

So fast forward to the doctors, they decided that to be safe I should get my bloods tested and have an MRI - one for my spine and one for my thigh. During this time the vision in my right eye started going hazy so I went to the opticians who said that my eye is very healthy and he can’t see what's causing the issues, so I got referred to the hospital. They do more through tests and again cannot see anything wrong that would cause these issues. So guess what??….. I got referred for an MRI! So that is now 3 MRS’s that need to be done. So one Tuesday I had 3 MRI’s, the spine and thigh were done at the same time but I had to go back in the afternoon for my eye as they didn’t want me lying in the MRI machine for too long. The MRI is something I’d never experienced. It’s just a bed you lay on while you pass through a tube that makes some very odd, extremely loud noises. It was actually quite nice to just lay there without watching the TV or scrolling mindlessly through Instagram!

All my results are now back and there is nothing wrong with me and no cause for concern, my eye is also getting better, albeit it, slowly. So, whilst I am pleased anything bad was ruled out, it’s been 6 weeks of tests, appointments and waiting!

I have included some photos of my accident here along with how I believe consuming liver daily helped me to heal.

Sorry this wasn’t a more helpful informative post, I just wanted to provide a little update as to why I have been absent from social media and not posted my usual posts but I am aiming to get back on it and start providing more content so you too can live your healthiest happiest life!