2020 Roundup

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

2020 has been an odd year to say the least.

The thing is, for an introvert, it really hasn’t been that bad. Me and Matt have been very fortunate that we were able to work from home and did not suffer from job loss or reduced pay. Matt even managed to find himself a new job during the pandemic. If you have read my previous blogs or follow me on Instagram then you will also know that we are fortunate enough to buy a house. The lack of social events meant we were really able to focus on saving and somehow we managed to get a deposit together for a nice new build home in our preferred location in Ipswich. Next year is going to bring a lot of excitement, arguments and decision making as we turn the blank canvas into our perfect home.

London Postal Museum
Fun day out in London

Just before Covid struck the UK, we managed to go to London for the day and visit the Postal Museum which I did for Matt's birthday present. We love a museum and after seeing it on a TV programme called Abandoned Engineering we both really wanted to go. Did you know that there is an underground network that was built for the sole purpose of delivering post across London? Fascinating! You can even ride on the old line as part of the museum tour. We also managed to go on a mini staycation in September with Matt's parents and brother. We only went for two nights as I can't leave the rabbits for longer than that. We went to a lovely lodge in Thetford forest with a hot tub and bike hire. It was so nice to get away for a few days and enjoy nature. Unfortunately our holiday to Tunisia was cancelled but we managed to rebook a holiday to Egypt next June, let's hope that we can travel by then! I know that a lot of people still managed to get away, it's just not something that we felt comfortable doing and isolation when we returned was not an option because of work.

Lockdown puzzle fun
Our lounge got turned into an office/puzzle room!

This year I spent a lot of time trying to better myself; mentally I can be a right bitch to myself so I have been working on being a better person to myself and those around me. There is still a long way to go but you cannot undo 30 years of bad thought processes in a year. I now know that I need to approach one day at a time and stop getting caught up in past events and what might or might not happen in the future. My mind has a tendency of blowing situations way out of context and I am a pro at turning molehills into mountains and before I know it I have created a whole new scenario with the worst possible outcome. This isn't fair on myself or those around me. Something that I know works and helps me is meditation and I got really good at meditating daily during lockdown, but now I am back working in the office I have found it hard to keep up this habit. This is something that I definitely need to work on in 2021 and make it a daily practice.

Walks in nature for mental health
Making the most of lockdown walks

This tough year has been made even tougher by strict Christmas lockdowns and regulation set out by Covid. I think midyear everyone started thinking and feeling like Christmas would mark the end of a year that has prevented us from seeing friends and family. According to the first plans set out by the government, Christmas would go ahead as planned, then a new strain was detected and suddenly the 5 day window was reduced to just Christmas day, with those in tier 4 being told that could not mix with another household. People were annoyed with the flip flopping of the rules and what we were and were not allowed to do. This caused issues for us, Matt’s family live in a tier 4 area. We agreed that it would be safer to not travel to visit them, in line with the regulations. We did however make the best of the situation and were able to meet with family to do present swaps on Christmas Eve. We then video called our families on Christmas day and opened our presents. The worst part was that we didn't have a Christmas dinner and ended up having pizza from Asda! Let's hope that next Christmas we can reunite with our families and enjoy the festive period together.

We got through the year together

In preparation for 2021 I have written out my intentions for the year. I know most people set new year's resolutions but I feel as though they are very generic and not all that personal. The definition of resolution is 'a firm decision to do or not do something', I find that a little rigid. So instead I set yearly intentions, an intention is defined as 'a thing intended; an aim or plan'. I find this a lot more fitting for setting out what I want to achieve going forwards. I have a plan rather than a decision for or against something. When it comes to setting intentions I really find that it helps me if I actually write them out so I bought myself a nice new journal ready for the year ahead. This way I can go back to what I set and monitor and log my progress. when I look to set intentions I ensure that my intentions are specific to myself and once I have decided what they are, I write down why I chose those intentions and what I need to implement in my life to achieve them. This way I have a clear, easy to follow plan whilst remembering my why. Without a why, we do not attach meaning to our intentions and goals. I will share more about my intentions as I move through the year. For more about setting intentions check out this post.

journalling for 2021
Intention setting for 2021

I hope that this year hasn't been too bad for you all and if it has my thoughts are with you. Everyone has experienced something different this year and no matter where you are or what you have faced, remember that we are all doing the best we can and this pandemic will end.

Here is to a healthier, happier 2021. X

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